What to Watch Today

Penultimate Saul, Roswell Battle, Ninja Warrior and More

  • NBC
    American Ninja Warrior

    The semifinals conclude in Los Angeles, where the two fastest Ninjas will face off on the Power Tower for a Safety Pass heading into the National Finals.

  • Fox
    Don't Forget the Lyrics!

    A mother of two and a sassy server channel their inner divas for a shot at $1 million.

  • The CW
    Roswell, New Mexico

    Liz finds herself in a battle to save not just her own life but Max’s as well; Michael discovers Rosa is keeping a secret involving a former adversary.

  • Fox
    Beat Shazam

    Three teams of educators try to ace a $1 million music test.

  • AMC
    Better Call Saul

    In the series’ penultimate episode, titled “Waterworks” (hmm…), “the stakes are raised when a discovery is made.” (Talking Saul follows at 10:21 pm.)

  • The CW
    In the Dark

    As Darnell’s paranoia turns into fear, Murphy and Max have a long overdue conversation. (Get series finale scoop.)

  • HBO

    Harper’s decision to pursue Bloom over Felim exposes larger issues between her, Eric and the account (read preview). (Season 2 premiere earned an average reader grade of “B+.”)

  • NatGeo
    Running Wild With Bear Grylls

    Grylls tests Ashton Kutcher’s ability to survive in the wilds of the Costa Rican jungle. (What did Kutcher say about ’90s Show return?)

  • ABC
    Claim to Fame

    When the contestants catch on to Dominique’s influence, they begin to develop their own counterstrategies.