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2022 in Review: 11 Dumb Things TV Did

Worst TV Decisions Cancellations 2022

Attention to all of TV’s Powers That Be: If you’re looking to make a resolution in 2023, we’ve got a suggestion: Make better choices.

That’s right, it is that time  in TVLine’s annual Year in Review, where we take stock of some “questionable” calls made over the past 12 months. And we are not talking here about individual cancellations; that’s low-hanging fruit, well-discussed in dozens of other places on this site.


No, we instead are raising our collective eyebrow at dubious decisions such a spinoff announcement that killed much tension during The Walking Dead’s final season… a “recasting” misstep on So You Think You Can Dance… CBS going AWOL on a major TV milestone… and The Great British Baking Show‘s half-baked approach to “Mexican Week.”

Also due for dings this year are ABC effectively pitting Bachelorette vs. Bachelorette, some less-than-fantastic fantasy-TV scheduling, and Netflix’s haste in whipping Knives Out 2 out of theaters.

But perhaps foremost in everyone’s minds is the whole HBO Max mishegas! Which wasn’t about any one cancellation but an ongoing “death by 1,000 cuts.”

Review our curation of the Dumb Things TV Did This Year, then feel free to let loose with your own loud, wet raspberries!