Will the Oscars' Ratings Rise This Year? Consider These 7 Factors and Vote!

Will Oscars Ratings Rise 2022

The Academy Awards, like many a kudoscast, have lost some of their golden luster in recent years, due to a number of factors — including but not limited to the COVID of it all.

The pandemic-delayed 2021 Oscars amassed just 10.4 million total viewers, down a whopping 56 percent from the previous ceremony. (Prior to 2020’s first host-less Oscars, which were held a month prior to what would be the onset of the COVID pandemic, the “record holder” for smallest audience was the 2018 telecast hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, which drew 26.5 million viewers.)

What tricks does Will Packer, producer of this year’s ABC telecast, have up his sleeve to hopefully stem that bleeding of viewers? For one, it was decided to dial back the number of trophies handed out live during the ceremony. He also brought back the concept of a host, times three. And there is some sort of semi-meaningless “fan favorite movie” prize that will be announced, as a means to make well-watched, popcorn-ier fare a part of filmdom’s biggest night.

But is it enough? Can the tide of receding viewership be pushed back? Or is this year’s ABC telecast doomed to dip to a new record low?

Review and consider the seven factors listed down below, then scroll back up to cast your vote in this poll (click here if poll not visible):

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