Life After Legacies: Here's Where Everyone In the #TVDU Ended Up

The series finale of Legacies earlier this month brought The Vampire Diaries saga to an end after 13 years on The CW… for now. And in those 13 years, we’ve loved (and loved to hate) some truly iconic characters.

Regardless of whether the franchise continues beyond Legacies — for the record, series creator Julie Plec says a fourth series is in the works, it’s “just a matter of when” — these characters’ stories have reached their conclusions, if even just for now.

Read on for a breakdown of where 30+ key players from The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies ended up — including new insight from Plec and Legacies showrunner Brett Matthews — then drop a comment with your thoughts. Who were your favorite characters? And which would you watch in a hypothetical fourth series?

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