Legacies Revisits Iconic Vampire Diaries Location, Name-Drops a Certain Couple

Legacies Recap

Thursday’s episode of Legacies introduced a monster so adorable, it might actually give Legends of Tomorrow‘s Beebo a run for his money.

The pint-sized creature, which turned out to be a gremlin with a major attitude problem (and a potty mouth to match), conveniently appeared while the Super Squad was deciding which monster to summon in the hopes of gaining key intel on Malivore’s next move.

This week’s episode also amped up the tension between Hope and Lizzie, despite Landon’s futile attempts at brokering peace between the warring witches. And their new gremlin pal didn’t make things any easier, first by pushing Lizzie into the pool (what is this, Dynasty?), then by impersonating her and telling the whole school that Hope has scabies. Rude!

Upon realizing that the gremlin feeds off disrespect (and that they’ve been giving it an “all-you-can-eat buffet”), Lizzie and Hope agreed to put their differences aside. Unfortunately, the little troublemaker was one step ahead of them, capturing Cleo and using her own disrespect to become super-sized. Needless to say, it took a lot of reluctant respect on both Hope and Lizzie’s parts to bring the overgrown monster back down to size. (Did its gross final form remind anyone else of the baby Antichrist from that South Park Christmas episode, seen here? No, just me? OK.)

Despite the looming threat of that skull-masked creature still lurking in the woods, all was well that ended well this week. Hope and Lizzie even exchanged a genuine hug, before joining Landon for a screening of — what else — Gremlins.

Also worth discussing…

* I’ve been wondering which of Alaric’s friends has been hosting Josie while she attends Mystic Falls High, and we finally got our answer: She’s staying with Dr. and Mr. Salvatore! After walking his daughter home from school, Alaric remarked, “I am amazed at how perfectly they rebuilt this place.” And when he tried to take off, she got him to stick around with this enticing offer: “Aunt Elena’s going to be home soon from her shift, and she’s planning making some old Salvatore family recipe.” During their emotional father-daughter bonding moment, she also told him about her budding romance with Finch, to which he replied, “The last person I want giving you relationship advice is Damon.”

Legacies Damon Elena House

* Speaking of life at Mystic Falls High, MG accidentally exposed his vampire powers to Ethan, only to discover that Sheriff Mac left him with a supply of vervain pills before skipping town. So MG was forced to play the waiting game, during which he and Ethan struck up an unlikely friendship, bonding over comic books — as well as their mutual feelings of displacement and inadequacy. It was all very sweet.

* Also sweet? Whatever’s happening between Kaleb and Cleo. I especially liked that she basically “not now, Dana”d him when he first flirted with her in the library. “Ask again when our lives are not in jeopardy,” she said. (Finally, a character on this show whose hormones don’t cloud their judgment!)

* I loved when Lizzie laughed off the existence of genies. It’s too bad she has no memory of that episode, because it was one of my favorites.

* So much fun stuff happened this week, I barely even processed that final twist. This mysterious artifact that Alaric is researching has apparently been passed down through ages, from Albert Einstein to Rasputin to Napoleon Bonaparte. And as that flashback to 1933 Belgium suggests… Hitler? It was a lot.

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