The Vampire Diaries Universe Will Continue Beyond Legacies: The Next Show Is 'Just a Matter of When'

As the great philosopher Katy Perry once said, just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s really over.

That’s certainly true for the Vampire Diaries franchise, which wrapped its 13-year run on The CW last night with the series finale of Legacies, its second spinoff after The Originals.

“This is the end of one chapter,” Legacies creator Julie Plec says of Legacies’ conclusion, “but we can use it to launch the beginning of another chapter, which is ultimately what we want to do when all is said and done.”

What’s this now? A fourth series in the #TVDU? We’d say don’t get your hopes up, but…

“There’s absolutely hope for the future,” Plec insists. “Brett [Matthews] and Kevin [Williamson] and I have an idea percolating in our brains that we just haven’t had the time to put down on the page yet. But we definitely want to do another branch of the tree. It’s just a matter of when, I guess.”

And why shouldn’t we get another chapter? Between the Pretty Little Liars reboot, the upcoming Teen Wolf movie and the new Gossip Girl, the early 2010s are clearly alive and well. Why not throw a couple of vampires (or whatever) into the mix?

Would you watch another supernatural series set in this universe? Are any existing storylines worthy of their own show? Drop a comment with your hopes for the franchise’s future below.

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