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Good Doctor EP on Arrival of Shaun and Lea’s Baby, [Spoiler]’s Exit and Other Potential Cast Changes in Season 7

The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 22
Courtesy of ABC

The Good Doctor became a father during Monday’s eventful Season 6 finale — an episode that marked the end of the road for at least one cast member.

After Danny suffered extensive internal injuries in an ambulance crash, Jordan made the difficult choice to forgo the recovering addict’s wishes. She gave him fentanyl to prevent a fatal cardiac arrest, saving his life but effectively ending their budding romance. Danny agreed that Jordan made the right call, but he also feared a potential relapse. Alas, he made the decision to leave San Jose and return to Texas to be close to his family, bringing Brandon Larracuente’s one-season stint as a series regular to a close.

Additionally, after catching wind that the board was calling an emergency meeting to discuss his (second) tenure as president, Andrews decided he wouldn’t give St. Bonaventure the chance to fire him again. Instead, he offered his resignation, paving the way for Hill Harper’s possible exit, as the actor contemplates a run for United States Senate.

In happier news, Shaun and Lea welcomed “li’l peanut” Steve Aaron Murphy 👶 into the world. However, Glassman, still upset with Shaun for accelerating the end of his career as a neurosurgeon, wasn’t quite ready to take part in the family photo. Meanwhile, Park and Morgan resumed their relationship with the intention of raising Eden together.

Below, co-showrunner Liz Friedman unpacks the arrival of Shaun and Lea’s son, the lingering standoff between Shaun and Glassman, and so much more…

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