The 100's 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths of All Time, Ranked

The 100 Worst Deaths

With just a few days before Clarke & Co. fight their final battle on The 100, TVLine is pouring one out for the friends they lost along the way. (And seriously hoping we don’t lose anyone else in the series finale!)

Ever since this sci-fi gem premiered on The CW in 2014, it’s been a show about survival. And while we’ve always been confident about some characters’ fates — Clarke, for example, feels somewhat untouchable — there have been plenty of unexpected tragedies thrown at fans over the years.

SPOILER ALERT: It should go without saying that this list, which looks back at the The 100’s most devastating deaths, is a spoiler minefield. If you aren’t fully caught up, you’ll want to turn back now.

Scroll down to peruse our list of the 10 deaths from The 100 that we’re still not over, then drop a comment with your own additions below. Which character(s) would you most like to… meet again?

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