The 100 Series Finale: 'The Last War' Arrives in Extended Promo — Watch

Ready or not, the series finale of The 100 is finally upon us. The CW has released an extended promo for the sci-fi drama’s closing hour (Wednesday, 8/7c), offering fans a first look at the carnage to come as Clarke & Co. participate in “The Last War.”

As you’ll recall from this week’s episode, multiple important characters remain on death’s door ahead of the finale. Raven, Jackson and Murphy are in a race against time to keep Emori from succumbing to her wounds, while Madi was discovered to have lost major brain functions. Clarke and Octavia nearly took her out with a bullet, but they were interrupted by Levitt’s discovery that Cadogan had obtained the code. Ruh-roh!

And fans have no reason to believe that more of their favorites won’t survive this final hour. After all, this has proven to be an absolute bloodbath of a season, claiming the lives of Gabriel, Diyoza and Bellamy, among others.

Of course, this finale might not mark the last hour we get to spend in the the universe of The 100. A prequel series about Cadogan’s daughter Callie, based on the Season 7 episode “Anaconda,” is still being considered.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch the extended promo for The 100‘s (gulp!) series finale, then drop a comment with your hopes for the show’s last hour.

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