The 100 Recap: Which Beloved Pair Might Not Live to See the 'Last War'?

The 100 Recap

The final episodes of The 100 have been an absolute bloodbath thus far, so we entered Wednesday’s penultimate hour fully prepared to say goodbye to another major character — especially considering how things ended for Murphy and Emori last week.

Anyway, we had every right to be concerned. Murphy emerged from the rubble relatively unscathed, but the same couldn’t be said for Emori, who had been impaled by a big metal bar. Jackson did his best to keep her alive and mobile, but it soon became clear that Emori’s time was limited. If they didn’t find the Anomaly Stone and get her to Sanctum quickly, she wouldn’t make it. And while finding the stone turned out to be relatively easy, keeping Emori alive long enough to break through its cement barrier was another matter entirely.

Following a series of devastatingly emotional speeches, plus some serious Thor-level hammering, the group successfully entered the portal, vowing to return for Miller at some point. (Poor guy.)

Meanwhile, Clarke didn’t just reach her breaking point — she blew right past it. When her first plan to rescue Madi turned out to be a total bust, she was forced to face the reality of her situation. “She’s doing what I did, trying to fix everything on her own,” she realized. “Is this how my mom felt every time? Did I do that to her? I didn’t mean to!” You could practically see the light bulb turn on in Clarke’s head, and there was no better person than Gaia with whom to discuss the inherent complications of mother-daughter relationships.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reality Clarke had to face. “I killed Bellamy to protect her from the Disciples, not so she could turn herself in,” she said of Madi. “Everyone I love dies. I can’t keep doing this, not again. If I lose Madi too, I’ll have nothing — be nothing.”

Fortunately, Clarke wouldn’t remain desperate for long. When Levitt realized that Cadogan was willing to risk Madi’s life in order to probe the depths of her mind, he faced yet another crisis of conscience, ultimately tricking one of his fellow Disciples into beaming Clarke and Octavia back to Bardo. Too bad no one told him that the bridge was relocated to the front of a Disciple firing squad. (Needless to say, it wasn’t the warm welcome Clarke and Octavia were hoping for.)

The ladies didn’t remain imprisoned for long, though, thanks to Levitt’s heroic efforts. And we’ll give additional kudos to Sheidheda for agreeing to distract the Disciples while Clarke and Octavia went after Madi. (That guy may be a stone-cold lunatic, but he can’t resist a good deal — or a good fight.)

Then came the tragic moment we’d all been dreading: Clarke finally reunited with Madi… only to discover that she was basically “locked” in her mind. Levitt noted that Madi’s brain stem showed evidence of a massive stroke, and the parts of her brain used to control involuntary movement had been destroyed. Clarke intended to put Madi out of her misery, but Octavia wouldn’t let her pull the trigger, opting to carry out the deed herself. It was grim. It was unnecessary. It was… par for the course on The 100, unfortunately.

But before Octavia had a chance to take Madi out, more bad news was delivered: Cadogan got the code from her brain before leaving Clarke’s daughter for dead. Let the Last War™ begin!

Also worth discussing…

* The sight of Jordan and Hope holding hands just felt right. Do we have a ‘ship name for them yet? “Jope”?

* Similarly, we want to feel the love between Octavia and Levitt, but there’s just so much else happening.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopes for next week’s (gulp!) series finale? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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