Euphoria: 10 Things We'd Really Love to See Happen in Season 3


When Euphoria aired its Season 2 finale in February, the episode’s final moments found Rue Bennett and her friends in a good place. Well, as good a place as you can be after a soul-crushing drug relapse, the death of a little brother and the arrest of one seriously messed-up dad.

Still, Rue was sober, Cal was in police custody, and we… were left with nothing to do but wait until the HBO drama returns for Season 3. So we decided to make like Maddie poking around in Samantha’s closet while babysitting, aka we used our down time for some creative fun.


Below, we’ve composed a list of 10 things we’d like to see happen in Euphoria‘s upcoming third season (which, as of right now, does not have a premiere date). Some of the entries involve characters we didn’t see enough of in Season 2. Some have to do with relationships we’d like to see repaired in the near future. At least one is just plain nosy. (C’mon, tell us you don’t want to see karma kick Cal where it hurts.)

And we know that you’ve likely got a wishlist for Season 3, too. So after you’ve run through our ideas below, make sure to hit the comments with what you’d like to see happen in Euphoria‘s next season!

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