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Big Sky EP Promises 'Sparks' for Jensen Ackles' Beau (But With Whom?), Details Storytelling Change in Season 3


Big Sky closed out its second season with Cassie, Jenny and new sheriff Beau getting friendly as they knocked back some after-work drinks. And to hear showrunner Elwood Reid tell it, Season 3 — which is subtitled Deadly Trails — will be even cozier.

But for whom, exactly? “I’ll leave it for interpretation,” Reid teases, calling Beau (played by new series regular Jensen Ackles) “a very fun, interesting guy — and both of these women find him fun and interesting. As the season progresses, there might be some sparks on one of those sides.”

Viewers will be able to start searching for those sparks when the drama returns on Wednesday (ABC, 10/9c), but Reid warns that you’ll have to look closely… at least at first.

“I’m playing it very open-ended in the beginning. I don’t want to tilt my hand where we’re going,” he tells TVLine. “Suffice to say, all my actors — but particularly Jensen — he’s got chemistry with everybody.”

OK, OK, enough with the heart-eyes. Isn’t there a crime to solve? When we pick up a few months after the events of the Season 2 finale, a new business called Sunny Day Excursions — run by an aggressive outdoorswoman named Sunny Barnes (new series regular Reba McEntire) — is the engine behind some pretty hinky business up in the wilderness outside Helena. As Cassie is called in to look for a missing backpacker, Beau and Jenny start tracking a murder case. And we haven’t even started talking about what Beau’s ex-wife has to do with any of it!

Read on for a sampling of what Big Sky is serving up in Season 3!

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