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2019 in Review: The 10 Worst Shows

Worst TV Shows of 2019

Not every TV show will find a gift under our Year in Review tree — especially not the 10 series that were very bad this year.

Having already shown our appreciation for 2019’s best dramas and comedies, we’re turning our attention to the shows best left unwatched. And it’s quite a mixed bag: In the attached gallery, we’ve added comedies, dramas and unscripted series to our naughty list, which includes a three-way tie for first (or is it last?) place.

Though our list is mostly comprised of rookie series, we’ve also handed lumps of coal to some primetime veterans, which returned this year with frustratingly subpar seasons. (Who hurt you, Fear the Walking Dead?)

But not all bad shows are created equal. From the icky storylines on Almost Family to the sheer pointlessness of The Hills: New Beginnings to the Sean Spicer of Dancing With the Stars, all of these series were disappointing in their own ways.

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see our picks for the worst TV of the year, then drop a comment with your own lists.

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