Did The Flash Botch Baby News? Can Poker Face Stop Spoiling Itself? Did Sheldon Misuse 'Kitty'? More TV Qs!

Flash Iris Pregnant

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Flash, Young Sheldon, Poker Face, Survivor and more!

1 | Coming out of Fire Country‘s “15 Hours Later” in media res opening last week, did you suspect Bode had “lost” Eve… Rebecca… or (who are we kidding?) Sharon?

2 | When you first saw the extra chair at Blue Bloods‘ latest family dinner, did you think it would be Rachel, or the girl Danny and Baez had helped? Also, at this rate does it feel like Erin won’t announce until the season finale?

3 | Between the O.J., Michael Jackson and Kardashian jokes, did you for minute wonder what decade Chris Rock’s Netflix special was airing life from? And would he have referenced Stranger Things (of all shows) during his bit on abortions, if his special wasn’t on Netflix?

4 | Is Saturday Night Live‘s “Sarah News” Weekend Update segment (featuring Sarah Sherman) approaching Stefon levels of viewer anticipation/laughs-per-second payoff?

5 | The Last of UsGive yourself huge enough of a helping there, The Last of Us‘ Dave? No wonder your community is hungry!

6 | The Blacklist fans, how pleasantly surprised were you when mortal enemies Red and Wujing came face-to-face in Episode 2, rather than keeping them apart until the very end of the final season?

7 | Which of The Company You Keep‘s unexpected guest stars this week were you most excited about: Luke Kirby (from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Jes Macallan (Legends of Tomorrow) or Barry Sloane (Revenge)? And wasn’t Macallan’s wardrobe very Ava Sharpe-like?

8 | Wouldn’t/shouldn’t the commander that NCIS: LA‘s Kensi and Fatima dealt with on the Allegiance have been the same one NCIS: Hawaii‘s Lucy dealt with during her own investigation…?

9 | Would The Good Doctor‘s Jared — who left his surgical residency at Denver Memorial in Year 3 to go work for billionaire Roland Barnes — really agree to restart his residency as a first year, just for the opportunity to work at St. Bonaventure again? And did Lea, who said she was happy to have “Bougie Kalu” back in San Jose, ever actually meet Jared in Season 1?

10 | Given that Quantum Leap‘s Ben and Addison saved more than 100 people (as well as her father’s reputation), shouldn’t that have impacted her life in some way?

11 | Does the playful rapport between The Voice‘s “father/son duo” of Blake Shelton and Niall Horan make you extra sorry that this is the OG coach’s last season?

12 | Is your excitement for Daredevil: Born Again and its growing list of returning cast members tempered somewhat (or a lot) by the fact that the characters/continuity won’t be exactly the same as the Netflix series’?

13 | HIMYF french hornAfter this week’s How I Met Your Father used a clip from Lizzie McGuire to flash back to Sophie’s teen years, thus tying the two shows together, should we all just pretend the HIMYM spinoff is actually the Lizzie revival we were promised and never received? Or did seeing a clip from the Disney Channel classic just make you want an actual Lizzie McGuire revival more? Was middle school-aged Jesse serenading a crush with, of all instruments, a French horn, meant as a nod to How I Met Your Mother? And now that we know that Sid and Jesse at one point went to MacLaren’s, do we think there’s a backstory for why we never see them down there that goes beyond the fact that Sid owns a bar of his own?

14 | The Winchesters Finale DeanOn The Winchesters, did Dean get a makeover in Heaven? Is it possible that he’s even more handsome now?

15 | Did you for a moment think The Mandalorian was going to strip down to just his helmet to bathe in the living waters? (Did Bo-Katan?)

16 | Does The Flash‘s Jaco have a kid? (We’re not sure because he only mentions him in every scene.) But more importantly, could the lonnnnng-awaited news of Iris’ pregnancy been delivered in any less Awww!-some of a manner?

17 | Survivor fans, what’s your opinion on reality-TV showmances: Love ’em or loathe ’em? And why didn’t Carolyn or Danny think to re-lock the bird cage with the fake idol inside, and re-hide the key? Isn’t that the best move there?

18 | Even though True Lies played it for laughs, wasn’t Helen’s wet willy-inspired ear-poke a pretty ingenious way for a barely-trained fighter to get out of a chokehold?

19 | Shouldn’t The Conners‘ Jackie have put her foot down about recovering addict Becky making use of the lottery machine? And why would Darlene host a dinner to impress Mark’s music teacher at Dan and Louise’s house, and not her own beautiful, newly built home?

20 | A Million Little Things‘ Carter said his tattoo was on his shoulder… but it was definitely on his bicep when they showed him getting it altered up, right? And doesn’t that tattoo shop set look suspiciously like the set for Regina’s defunct restaurant Someday?

21 | Farmer Wants a Wife Is it jarring to actually see the Farmer Wants a Wife producers engage with the talent “between takes,” all UnREAL-like? Also, did you get a kick out of how many of the women showed up for their first date saying, “Hey, cowboy!” and each thinking that was original?

22 | TVLine reader Rob asks: Did Hallmark miss a “priceless opportunity” to replace Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora Teagarden with One Tree Hill vet Hilarie Burton?

23 | Doesn’t it feel like Not Dead Yet needs to let one person in on Nell’s secret?

24 | Was Poker Face‘s Charlie kinda rolling the dice (no pun intended), assuming that incriminating audio of Cliff was on the same cassette that Sterling played for her? And is it too much to ask The Powers That Be to relocate the guest star credits to the end of the episode, so we’e not getting spoiled ahead of time about who will be resurfacing (see: Episode 9’s ruined Benjamin Bratt twist) and which new famous faces will be popping up (see: the non-surprise that was Clea Duvall played Natasha Lyonne’s sister in the finale)?

25 | After watching History of the World, Part II, would you frankly be all in on a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style comedy about Jesus and his disciples? And can we agree there was way, way too much of the Russian Revolution storyline?

26 | Were you surprised how relatively easy it was for YOU‘s Joe to, ahem, do away with Kate’s evil billionaire father? (And how surprised were you when that father was revealed to be… Greg Kinnear?!) And was there a moment, after Joe jumped in the river, where you thought maybe, just maybe, the series was coming to a surprise conclusion?

27 | Would Young Sheldon have sung “Soft Kitty” to quiet his niece down? We thought it was only sung when you’re sick.

28 | How would So Help Me Todd‘s “Ivan the Terrible” have been able to so completely hack Todd’s famously older, outdated car (which even has visible door lock pins?)?

29 | On what planet would Grey’s Anatomy‘s Simone stop making out with Lucas to reunite with her d-bag ex? Why would Bailey and Ben — or anyone — accept a dinner invitation from the Bickersons Owen and Teddy? And who were you more excited to see getting some loving, Schmitt or Helm?

30 | Chicago Fire fans, with Jesse Spencer returning as Casey, are you hoping he and Brett get back together? Or do you want them to stay split up?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!