House of the Dragon Finale: Rhaenyra & Co. Prepare For War in New Photos

We hope Syrax and Caraxes are limbering up, because the Dance of Dragons is about to get underway.

HBO has released new photos from this weekend’s House of the Dragon Season 1 finale, which will air Sunday at 9/8c. And between the shots in the gallery below and the trailer the network debuted after Episode 9, war, it looks like the fight for the Iron Throne is about to turn even uglier than it already is.

The finale will bring Rhaenyra — aka King Viserys’ named successor as leader of the Seven Kingdoms — and Daemon into the fray after she learns that her father has died and his wife, Alicent (with the help of her father, Hand of the King Otto Hightower), has misinterpreted the dying man’s ramblings and used them as justification to install her own son, Aegon, as king.

The pictures in the gallery above offer a few looks at Rhaenyra and her children, as well as some of Ser Erryk, Daemon and Rhaenys — the latter of whom made a serious entrance at Aegon’s ascension ceremony in Episode 9 (read a full recap). And don’t forget: We’re supposed to see a different side of Prince Daemon in this week’s episode.

Click through the gallery to get a good look at what’s in store this Sunday, then hit the comments with your predictions!


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