The Good Fight to End With Season 6 — Robert and Michelle King Explain Why

Court will soon be in permanent recess on The Good Fight: The legal drama’s upcoming sixth season — premiering Thursday, Sept. 8 on Paramount+ — will be its last.

The series’ conclusion will bring to an end Robert and Michelle King’s 13-year ‘Good’ franchise, which began with the 2009 launch of The Good Wife on CBS.

In an interview with TVLine, the Kings (who are also EPs/showrunners on Paramount+’s Evil) explain that quality control issues and sheer exhaustion fueled their decision to call it quits. And they confirm that it was their decision.

“We got tired,” Robert says with a chuckle, before elaborating, “And we looked at how we were building Season 6 and felt that if there was ever a time to end the show it was [now], given the cataclysmic nature of the season. And as much as the show was great in reacting to the zeitgeist, it felt like it would have a certain repetition if we kept going.”

Adds Michelle: “Season 6 is very much about civil war [erupting] in our country, and it felt like that was the story to tell in the last season of this show.”

Good Fight‘s final season — previewed in the teaser trailer atop this story — finds Diane experiencing an “uneasy sense of déjà vu, with everything from Roe v. Wade to voting rights to Cold War aggressions returning,” per the official teaser synopsis provided by Paramount+. “Meanwhile, the lawyers of Reddick & Associates wonder if the violence that they see all around them points to an impending civil war.”

As previously reported, several Good Wife vets will pop up on The Good Fight in Season 6, most notably Alan Cumming (reprising his role as Eli Gold) and Carrie Preston (returning as Elsbeth Tascioni). Additionally, Emmy winner Andre Braugher is joining the cast in the series regular role of Ri’Chard Lane, a showman lawyer and rainmaker who is forced on Liz (Audra McDonald) as a new name partner.

In a statement, David Stapf, president of CBS Studios, called The Good Fight “a marquee series for Paramount+ and a huge source of personal pride for me and our Studio,” adding, “We are so excited to see [what’s] in store for the final season; I have no doubt that it will be memorable.”