Did Only Murders in the Building Just Reveal Its Season 2 Premiere Date?

Only Murders in the Building fans have a new case to crack.

Hulu on Thursday shared a curious photo from the OMITB Twitter account, which appears to offer a clue about the acclaimed comedy’s return. It shows the elevator inside the Arconia, with the buttons 2, 6 and 8 lit up. Might some configuration of those numbers point to a Season 2 release date?

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Release DateLet’s break down the possibilities…

* If you assume the 2 refers to Season 2, you’re left with two possible dates: Wednesday, June 8 and Saturday, Aug. 6. (Since Hulu original series tend to release on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays, the Aug. 6 date seems highly unlikely.)

* If you assume the 2 factors into the potential date, that generates two more options: Tuesday, June 28 and Friday, Aug. 26. (Of note: Season 1 bowed Aug. 31, 2021, with new episodes released every Tuesday. )

Eagled-eyed viewers will know that Charles, Oliver and Mabel live in Apts. 14C, 10D and 12E, respectively, which rules out the possibility that the 2, 6 and 8 represent their individual floors. It’s also worth noting that most New York City apartment buildings do not have a 13th floor (silly superstitions!), so the absence of a 13th floor button is not at all suspicious.

UPDATE: One of the above premiere dates has been confirmed!

The Hulu comedy wrapped its freshman run last fall. Almost as soon as Charles’ bassoonist girlfriend Jan was found to be Tim Kono’s killer, the Oct. 19 finale unraveled a second mystery and took the series in a whole new direction. In the closing minutes of the episode, Charles and Oliver ran into Mabel’s apartment to find their fellow podcaster covered in blood. Before her laid another murder victim in a tie-dye hoodie — but it wasn’t Oscar, it was co-op president Bunny who had been stabbed to death with Mabel’s knitting needle. Seconds later, a SWAT team busted in and arrested the amateur sleuths, setting the stage for Season 2 (read our full recap here).

Production on Season 2 began Dec. 1. Previously announced cast additions include Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine, Zoe Colletti (Fear the Walking Dead), Cara Delevingne (Carnival Row), Andrea Martin (Evil), Michael Rapaport (Atypical) and Amy Schumer (Life & Beth).

Do you think the OMITB tweet reveals a Season 2 premiere date? Or do you think it’s hinting at something else entirely? Log your predictions in the comments.