Power Book II: Ghost's Method Man, Shane Johnson Break Down Saxe's Pretty Woman-Style Glow Up — Watch

OK, so Power Book II: Ghost‘s Cooper Saxe didn’t parade around with armfuls of shopping bags and make snooty saleswomen feel bad about losing out on a giant commission. But still: Didn’t his trip to the boutique with Davis MacLean in last week’s Season 2 premiere give off distinct Pretty Woman vibes?

“I love that you put that spin on it,” Clifford “Method Man” Smith says in the video above when we bring up the 1990 Julia Roberts-Richard Gere rom-com and its well-known shopping scene. He then breaks down how his character, MacLean, is now legal partners with former assistant U.S. attorney Saxe (played by Shane Johnson), and how that alliance means that the former public servant must up his style game.

“I would call it the re-education of Cooper Saxe,” Smith says with a wide smile.

Johnson adds that Saxe’s choice to buck family tradition and take the position with MacLean “affords me the opportunity to eke out a win somewhere,” he says. And “in terms of the overhaul… that’s a lot of fun. And it was time!”

Of course, we weren’t going to pass up the opportunity to ask Larenz Tate about his character’s recent change in trajectory, as well (though Rashad’s new lot in life is decidedly less glamorous than Saxe’s). And after the way we found Councilman Tate in the premiere — wearing sweats on his brother’s couch and bemoaning his political fate — we were pleasantly surprised to hear his portrayer’s take on what’s ahead.

“It really just kinda reminds him that there are no failures,” Tate says. “But there’s lessons.”

Power Book II: Ghost airs Sunday at 9/8c on Starz. Press PLAY on the video above to hear everything Smith, Johnson and Tate had to say about what their characters are up to in Season 2, then hit the comments with your thoughts!