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Queens' Naturi Naughton Breaks Down Jill's Ex Run-In — Plus, Was That Power Book II Finale Tasha's Farewell?

Throughout Season 2 of Starz’s Power Book II: Ghost, ardent viewers of the series have made their wishes known to showrunner Courtney Kemp: Bring back Naturi Naughton’s Tasha.

“All season, the fans have been asking me, ‘When will she be back on?,'” Kemp tells TVLine. “And I’m like, ‘She’s busy! She’s on Queens!'” READ MORE

Post Mortems

Power Book II: Ghost Finale: Exiting Show Boss Courtney Kemp on Killing [Spoiler], Bringing Back a Power OG

Sunday’s Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 finale marked the end of an era: It was Powerverse creator Courtney Kemp‘s final episode as a showrunner for one of her shows at Starz. And the executive producer went out with a bang. Several of them, to be exact.  READ MORE

Post Mortems

Power Book II: Ghost's Diana Just Blew Up Monet's Spot (and a Lot More) — LaToya Tonodeo on the 'Nuclear Dinner'

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Sunday’s Power Book II: Ghost.

When Diana sat down for dinner with her family in this week’s Power Book II: Ghost, she served up a steaming bowl of truth — and everybody got a heaping serving, whether they wanted it or not. READ MORE

Power Book II: Ghost's Method Man, Shane Johnson Break Down Saxe's Pretty Woman-Style Glow Up — Watch

OK, so Power Book II: Ghost‘s Cooper Saxe didn’t parade around with armfuls of shopping bags and make snooty saleswomen feel bad about losing out on a giant commission. But still: Didn’t his trip to the boutique with Davis MacLean in last week’s Season 2 premiere give off distinct Pretty Woman vibes? READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO