The Umbrella Academy Video: Netflix Announces 2022 Return, Confirms 'Hotel Oblivion' Setting for Season 3

The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Make your reservations now, Umbrella Academy viewers: You’ll be checking in to Hotel Oblivion when the Netflix series returns… in 2022.

As the streamer revealed in a new video early Friday — which can be found on The Umbrella Academy‘s Netflix page, under the “Trailers & More” section — Season 3 of the comic book adaptation will drop sometime in the new year. Additionally, the new episodes are confirmed to at least partially take place at Hotel Oblivion, an unsettling locale that first appeared in the third volume of the comics (appropriately titled The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion).

In June, during Netflix’s Geeked Week, series co-creator Steve Blackman shared all 10 episode titles for Season 3 — and the finale’s title, “Oblivion,” now seems to have a clearer meaning. The premiere, meanwhile, is called “Meet the Family,” while other episode titles include “Kugelblitz” (Episode 4 — and that’s a real word!), “Marigold” (Episode 6), which likely holds significance for fans of the comics, and “Six Bells” (Episode 9), which Blackman said will resonate much more once viewers have started watching the season.

The Umbrella Academy‘s sophomore run ended with the Hargreeves stopping the apocalypse altogether and returning to 2019, only to find a new timeline had been created by their interference — one in which Sir Reginald hasn’t died, he’s the founder of the Sparrow Academy instead of the Umbrella Academy and, most shocking of all, Ben is alive and well. (Refresh your memories with our full finale recap.)

To that end, series vet Justin H. Min — who has thus far only appeared as Afterlife Ben — will appear in Season 3 as Sparrow #2, described as a “Machiavellian tactician.” The other Sparrows include Justin Cornwell (Training Day) as Marcus, Britne Oldford (The Flash) as Fei, Jake Epstein (Designated Survivor) as Alphonso, Genesis Rodriguez (The Fugitive) as Sloane, Cazzie David (Eighty-Sixed miniseries) as Jayme and, of course, TV “newcomer” Dread-Inducing Psykronium Cube as Christopher.

UPDATE: In a separate video posted to The Umbrella Academy‘s Instagram on Friday, Min pops up as Sparrow #2 to (emphatically!) wish his fellow Sparrow Academy siblings a happy birthday. Watch it below:

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