Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Does Series Finale Title Hint at Jake's [Spoiler]?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Series Finale

Is Jake Peralta turning in his badge and gun?

With just two episodes left before its hour-long swan song, NBC has released a title (and an extremely vague description) for Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Sept. 16 series finale. The episode is titled “The Last Day,” and the synopsis simply reads… “The series finale.”

The title could refer to Jake’s last day on the force. Nine-Nine‘s farewell season has seen Amy’s husband grapple with his role as a detective, which has led some viewers to believe that he will resign from the NYPD before season’s end. That hunch was first fed by the Season 8 premiere, in which Peralta expressed mixed emotions about what it means to be a cop in 2021. He spent much of the episode projecting his insecurities onto Rosa, who had previously resigned in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. At the time, Jake said that he’d like to believe he could still do good work as a member of the NYPD, but had now seen first-hand — via his former captain, who destroyed body-cam footage of two uniformed officers assaulting an innocent Black woman — that the system was broken (read recap).

Episode 4, meanwhile, saw Jake do something he’d never done in the past: Sit out a high-profile arrest in order to take care of his infant son Mac, as Amy presented a new NYPD pilot program to higher-ups.


Then in Episode 5, Jake wrestled with the possibility of losing his job if Doug Judy — aka the Pontiac Bandit — managed to outsmart him and evade a five-year prison sentence. Judy suggested that Jake losing his job would perhaps “be for the best,” before pitching the detective an alternative career as a real estate agent to the stars (or, more precisely, as the go-to real estate agent for Zayn Malik and fellow former members of One Direction). But all joking aside, Judy told Jake that “you are more than just your job.” And following that discussion, Jake provided the car thief with the instrument he needed to “Mindfreak” himself out of his handcuffs… and out of prison.

That brings us to Episode 6, which saw Jake accept responsibility for making a wrongful arrest without sufficient evidence, then harassing the man he arrested based solely on a hunch. In turn, Captain Holt was forced to place Jake on a five-month suspension — with just three episodes remaining in Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s run.

Ahead of its finale, B99 has one more double header airing this Thursday, Sept. 2, consisting of “Game of Boyles” (in which Jake, Terry and Charles visit the Boyle Family Farm) and “Renewal” (wherein the squad comes together to work on an important high-stakes case). Could the latter’s title be referring to a vow renewal for Holt and Kevin? (Sunday Night Football‘s season kickoff occupies NBC’s Thursday slate on Sept. 9.)

So, what do you think about Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s finale title? Could it be hinting at Jake’s last day as a detective? Or is it referring to something else entirely? Hit the comments to speculate about the remaining episodes, and to share your hopes for the sitcom’s sendoff.

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