On Evil, Sheryl's Weird Doll Stuff Is Just the Beginning: 'It's Not Going to Be Good,' Katja Herbers Previews

evil season 2 sheryl doll possessed eddie

Like daughter, like mother?

Evil‘s Kristen Bouchard has spent much of Season 2 questioning if perhaps she’s under the influence of the devil. And after Sunday’s episode, viewers are likely wondering the same about Kristen’s mom, Sheryl.

And with good reason. Her behavior during the hour was suspect: She muttered what seemed like an incantation under her breath as she walked around Kristen’s home, she encouraged one of Kristen’s daughters not to provide an alibi for the night Orson LeRoux was killed, and she — most worryingly — seems to be worshipping a marionette-style doll named Eddie, to whom she offers sacrifices. (To be fair, it was just a $1 bill that she set on fire, but these things have a way of escalating, don’t they? Oh, and read a full recap of the episode here.)

After Sheryl’s bizarre, now-terminated engagement with agent of evil Leland Townshend and her strange behavior with Dr. Fuller, we’re starting to think that maybe the free-spirited grandma is under more of an influence than the wine she liberally enjoys. So when TVLine recently spoke with series star Katja Herbers, who plays Kristen, we asked her what the Hell was going on with Christine Lahti’s character.

“I think [Kristen has] been a little silly by letting her mom into her life so quickly,” Herbers said. “It was both being pragmatic about, ‘Look, I do need somebody to take care of the kids when I’m at work,’ and thinking, ‘I only have one mom.'” She laughs. “It’s a bit of sentiment. But I don’t think she trusts her.”

But Kristen, herself, is a little preoccupied, Herbers pointed out. Aside from her possibly being a puppet of Lucifer’s, she’s holding down a stressful job and raising four girls alone while her husband tries to salvage their mountaineering business abroad.

“I don’t think she’s aware of how much is going on, because she’s dealing with too much stuff,” the actress adds. “So that might take a while. I think that means that Sheryl can—” Herbers stopped, seemingly catching herself before she gave too much away. “You’ll see a lot more of where Sheryl’s going to go,” she continued. “It’s not going to be good.”

Paramount+’s Evil returns from a midseason break on Sunday, Aug. 29.

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