The Chi EP Teases Adoption-Reversal Plot: 'Kiesha Wants Her Baby'


When The Chi‘s Kiesha told her mother that she wanted to reverse her infant son’s adoption, showrunner Justin Hillian says, it was no passing fancy.

“Kiesha wants her baby,” the executive producer tells TVLine. However: “It’s one thing to want your baby. It’s another thing to have to raise a baby, particularly with all of the circumstances with which the baby was created. And she won’t always be able to ignore that fact.”

Hillian refers to Kiesha’s kidnapping and rape by Omari, which provided the bulk of Birgundi Baker’s character’s storyline in Season 3. After her escape — aided by Ronnie, R.I.P. — a traumatized Kiesha later learned that her rapist had impregnated her, as well. She decided not to terminate the pregnancy, but spent the start of the current season searching for the right adoptive family for her child.

Which prompted us to ask: The process can’t be as easy as Kiesha’s saying, “I want my baby back,” right?

“Well, it actually is,” Hillian says, adding that a similar situation happened with some friends of his who had adopted a child but who had to return the baby to its biological mother a few days later. “There’s a grace period where the mother still has all the rights to say whether she wants her child back, and there’s nothing you can do,” he explains. “We also wanted to speak to that part of it, too, and just how heartbreaking that is.”

A promo for the next installment of the Showtime drama (Sunday, 9/8c) finds Nina facing Kiesha, asking, “Have you even started to ask yourself the hard questions yet?” For the record, Hillian adds another of his own.

“It’s like, how are you going to do that to Tabitha Brown” — who plays Octavia, the woman who adopted Kiesha’s son — “of all people?” he asks, laughing.