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New Amsterdam Spoilers Max Helen

Has New Amsterdam been diagnosed with an acute (love) triangle? Is Riverdale ready for some real talk? Will Mom give birth to a proper series finale? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows! (Email any new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

I’m really enjoying Riverdale‘s exploration of Betty and Archie’s relationship. Any chance we will see them open up to each other about their traumas? With Betty’s experience with TBK, and Archie recently revealing how hard it has been being out of the army, it seems like a great opportunity. –Haley
I hustled your Q over to Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and he gladly responded, “I love this week’s episode (Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW) because — despite all the serial killers and aliens — it puts all of our characters’ relationships front and center. And people start having hard conversations that they’ve mostly been avoiding. Betty and Archie, in particular, are wrestling with what they mean to each other. I mean, they’re childhood friends, it’s not just booty calls with them.”

Can New Amsterdam fans expect a Sharpe/Max/Cassian triangle?  –Fowsia
It sure sounds like things are going to get complicated now that Helen and Cassian are giving their relationship another go. But how will Max feel about that development? “Totally not jealous at all!” star Ryan Eggold replies with a laugh. “I don’t think he’s entirely sure how he feels about Helen, but I think he knows he can trust her and that she’s someone that’s close to him that means a lot to him. Seeing her moving on with Cassian from a potential something with Max … and being happy and smiling and going on dates and all this stuff, I think it certainly brings up questions of, ‘How do I feel about this person? And maybe I should answer that sooner than later and figure that out.'”

Anything new on This Is Us? –Matt
In this Tuesday’s episode, pay attention to the dinner tables — because at two separate family meals, things get heated… with repercussions that are likely to play out for the rest of the season.

SEAL Team MandyAnything on CBS’ SEAL Team? –Kristine
How about an exclusive first look at Jessica Pare’s (brief) on-camera return as Mandy in the March 24 episode, which she also directed?

Will NBC continue to carry Nurses? –Jonathan
Though already renewed in the Great North, NBC has made no decision yet on airing Season 2.

Any scoop on Syfy’s Resident Alien (Wednesdays at 10/9c)?  Will we find out who killed Sam before the end of the season? –Karen
“You will definitely find out who killed Sam Hodges before the end of the season,” says showrunner Chris Sheridan, who adds: “Of course, you should already know….”

Any details on the Grey’s Anatomy couples for the second half of Season 17? — SS
Though Teddy and Tom are now as kaput a couple as a couple can be, the aftershocks of her admission that she never loved him are yet to be felt. “That set Tom free,” showrunner Krista Vernoff tells TVLine, “but it’s done the opposite for Teddy. We still haven’t unpacked the psychology that allowed her to treat him that way and treat Owen that way, so you’re going to get some powerful episodes that speak to that coming up.” On a lighter note, if you’ve observed a certain spark between Cormac and Jo, you’re not imagining things. “I for sure noticed a connection forming…,” says Vernoff. “Whether it’s sparks or it’s friendship, I think it’s important for all of these characters to connect with each other in new ways because of what we’re all navigating together at this moment.” Mm-hmm. I still see a Cormac/Jo/Jackson triangle being formed.

SWAT Season 4 ChrisAny scoop on what is coming up on S.W.A.T., especially with Chris and Street? –Paula
As made devastatingly clear at the close of the March 10 episode, “Chris is struggling mightily with Erika’s death and is leaning on the wrong things to try to recover,” EP Shawn Ryan tells Inside Line. “Street will play a large role going forward as Chris comes to terms with what’s working and not working in her life, and what direction she wants to go in.”

On WandaVision, who was Monica’s aerospace friend? –Alex

Believe you me, we endeavored to get any kind of hint about to whom she was referring, when getting that Hex-Busting (but not) rover built. But Teyonah Parris, for one, completely clammed up when we broached the hot topic.  (Update: Head writer Jac Schaeffer recently clarified that Major Goodner was, in fact, the hyped-up contact.)

When Emily died on NCIS, what was the poem Vance read? –Kathy
I got a lot of emails on this one, all within minutes of the March 9 episode ending. That was “Epitaph,” by Merrit Malloy

How did Monday night’s episode of Bull manage to get a conversation about Drew Brees retiring when it wasn’t even official until Sunday? Was it added in post-production, which I guess would be easy since everybody is wearing a mask? –Alyson

What would you say if I told you that the references to Brees being the Saints’ “former QB” as well as “retired” were all in the original script? Because they were!  #MidgradeSorcery

Can you give us anything on Walker? –Paige
EP Anna Fricke says that although Walker is starting to come to terms with losing his wife Emily, that will not mean an end to flashbacks guest-starring Genevieve Padalecki. “I really like seeing them together, and I love the flashback scenes,” says Fricke. “And in the future, even if Walker does start to get closure, I still see her as part of the fabric of the show, like either in the kids’ memories or other family members’. It’s just nice to find a way to weave her in.”

Flash Season 7 FrostIs it safe to assume that The Flash‘s new baddie Chillblaine will be a love interest for Killer Frost? –Justin
I ran your query by showrunner Eric Wallace, and he said, “That remains to be seen. He’s a bad guy, so who knows…. Stranger things have happened.” One thing is certain, though: Frost may lose her cool over having a “copycat” in town. “Let’s see how she deals with having a villain who has essentially the exact same powers,” Wallace teased. “First of all, that’s gotta be really annoying!”

Any scoop on second seasons for Hulu’s The Bravest Knight or The Act? –Ryan
There are no updates on either at this time.

Chicago Med Steven WeberLong time no Chicago Med scoop! Help a gal out? –Dee

OK, technically it’s barely been three weeks. But I’m easy, so…. Steven Weber hinted to us that you will see his Dr. Dean Archer interact with people besides Ethan. “They’ve written Dean Archer as a guy that is unpredictable,” Weber said, “so he’s not going to stay in his lane for very long — and it will begin to affect other characters.”

A while ago I discovered 800 Words on UPtv — a delightful show that I have looked forward to every Friday evening. Season 3 has 16 episodes, but it appears it isn’t on UP’s schedule after Episode 8.  Any info on the the rest of Season 3, and is there a Season 4? –Beverly
I am told that 800 Words will return to UPtv’s schedule this fall.

Any idea of how many more episodes will be in this first season of The Equalizer? And how many will be in the second season? –Celia

The Equalizer‘s freshman season (which resumes Sunday, March 28 with Episode 5) will run 13 total episodes. As for the recently ordered Season 2, it is too soon to tell.

Allison Janney on CBS' 'Mom'I’m saddened that my favorite comedy, Mom is cancelled. Were the writers given enough notice that we can get a proper finale? –Edward
Rest assured that because the final-season decision was made back in February, and because episodes are being written so close to tape date (due to the pandemic), the writers will be able to give the sitcom a proper send-off.

I was wondering if you guys have any news about Bizarro TV? –Liam
I put on my best domino mask and snooped around, and while there are no updates at this time on the mixed-media anthology series announced in October 2019 at NYCC, it eventually coming to be is “not off the table.”

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