Lupin's Remaining 5 Episodes Will Debut This Summer, Netflix Confirms

Lupin Part 2 Premiere Date

Netflix is closing the loop on Lupin, announcing that the French heist drama’s remaining five episodes will bow this summer.

Created by George Kay and François Uzan and based on a character created by Maurice Leblanc, the series became a breakout hit when it launched earlier this month. Netflix recently projected that Lupin will be sampled by more than 70 million households* in its first four weeks of release.

For comparison’s sake, only newly-christened GOAT Bridgerton (82 million) and The Witcher (76 million) have reached more households, as reported by Netflix. Immediately trailing Lupin, meanwhile, are Money Heist (65 million), Tiger King (64 million) and The Queen’s Gambit (62 million).

*The numbers that Netflix reports are based on subscribers who have watched at least two minutes of a piece of content.

Lupin centers on Assane Diop, whose childhood was turned upside down when his father died after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Twenty-five years later, Assane (played by Omar Sy) will use “Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar” as his inspiration to avenge his father.

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