Mom Sneak Peek: Kevin Pollak Returns as Bonnie's Ex Alvin — But How?!?

Bonnie receives a visit from the Great Beyond in Mom‘s fall finale, when Kevin Pollak‘s Alvin turns up in her living room, nearly six years after his sudden death.

As longtime viewers will recall, Bonnie’s ex reentered her life late in Season 1, when Christy confronted her estranged father. Soon after Alvin and Bonnie reconciled, he suffered a massive heart attack and died in a devastating Season 2 episode (which earned Allison Janney a Performer of the Week nod).

This time around, Alvin turns up in a dream sequence to lend an ear to Bonnie, who is concerned for Adam’s safety when he decides to go skiing for the first time since his accident. TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek reveals the moment where Bonnie is first confronted by her ex, who is not at all surprised to see that she’s currently a mess.

Mom is five episodes into its post-Anna Faris era. Janney’s co-star revealed that she was leaving the CBS sitcom in September. In the wake of her departure, Christy was shipped off to Georgetown Law School, in Washington D.C., on a full scholarship.

“It’s a huge loss for the show to not have Anna because she was part of creating a character, Christy, that everyone fell in love with,” Janney said in a previous interview. “I think I’ll miss the most, for me, the relationship between Bonnie and Christy, even though that will still continue [off screen].”

Mom‘s fall finale airs Thursday, Dec. 17 (CBS, 9/8c), before new episodes resume in early 2021. In the meantime, hit the comments and let us know if you’re looking forward to Pollak’s return (and what you’ve thought of Season 8 so far). 

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