Power Book II's LaToya Tonodeo Says Diana Will 'Flex Her Independence' in Midseason Finale — Watch Sneak Peek

Power Book II: Ghost‘s Diana has struggled to have more independence all season, and in Sunday’s midseason finale, she’s going to get it.  What’s that saying about being careful what you wish for?

In the hour (Starz, 8/7c), Monet dishes out some tough love about lovin’ — or, more specifically, how Diana can use her feminine wiles in order to manipulate any man in her path. In the exclusive sneak peek above, the drug boss sits her daughter down and makes sure she understands that love is nice and all, but having total control over a dude is the most important thing.

“Whatever you say to him should always lead him back to you,” Monet advises her. “A man doesn’t fall in love with you, he falls in love with the image of himself that he sees in your eyes.”

LaToya Tonodeo, who plays Diana, tells TVLine that Monet really does have her kid’s best interests at heart — but the importance of the Tejada family business can’t be denied. “Monet is still trying to teach her and just help her to become more of a savage in the game, but Diana, because she is young, she’s not fully getting it and she’s leading with her emotions,” the actress says. “At the same time, Monet is like, ‘Listen: I’m teaching you how to survive in a man’s world. That’s why she’s not really letting up on her,” she laughs, “and I don’t really see her letting up on Diana any time soon.”

During the hour, Tonodeo teases, Monet does grant Diana a small amount of the freedom/responsibility she craves: “You will see her being able to step out and go to a birthday party, where she may or may not run into Lauren.”

Lauren, viewers will recall, is Tariq’s Stansfield classmate and fellow canonical studies participant. In Episode 4, both Lauren and Diana locked lips with Tariq; the midseason finale is first time the ladies meet.

The outing will “be an opportunity for her to flex her independence and do some stuff on her own without her brothers always near her or her mom right next to her,” Tonodeo adds.

In addition to Diana’s big night out, this week’s Power Book II: Ghost also features an unlikely alliance, an unexpected cold shoulder and a new level of understanding between two characters… and that’s all you get until Sunday! Press PLAY on the video above to watch the exclusive sneak peek, then hit the comments with your predictions!