The Masked Singer: The First Clues About Giraffe, Snow Owls and More

The Masked Singer Season 4 Episode 2 Clues Guesses

The Masked Singer is back for another season, and you know what that means: It’s time to pay obsessive attention to the show’s every little detail in the hopes of deducing the identities underneath the costumes.

Wednesday’s Season 4 premiere introduced us to five of this go-around’s 16 get-ups: Dragon, Sun, Popcorn, Giraffe and Snow Owls (the show’s first two-person costume). As several of the judges noted throughout the hour, the season’s first performances were highly impressive on the whole, with Popcorn, Sun and Snow Owls in particular showing off some admirable vocal chops.

At the end of the episode, Dragon was chosen to go home. And when his fierce mask was removed, the fire-breather was revealed to be rapper Busta Rhymes. (Read a full recap of the premiere and hear what the rap icon had to say about his brief time on the show.)

Before Episode 2 airs Wednesday (Fox, 8/7c), we’ve gathered what we believe are the most important clues from the premiere and consolidated them into a handy guide. The goal: Figure out who’s beneath those costumes far before their unveilings.

All season long, we’ll update the gallery at right with information gleaned from this week’s show, and we’ll add our (and some of your) thoughts about who’s beneath the costumes. So make sure to log your thoughts, theories and evolving guesses in the comments section!

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