Power Players: Who's Who (and Who's New) in Starz Spinoff Book II: Ghost

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James “Ghost” St. Patrick is dead, but the fact that his besieged family’s ongoing story still draws you in? Such is his Power.

In fact, when the Starz drama’s first spinoff premieres Sunday (9/8c), you may feel at first like you’re watching the start of a new season of the original series. After all, the action picks up just after the events of Power‘s finale: Ghost’s wife, Tasha, is awaiting arraignment for confessing to the drug kingpin’s murder, while her son/the actual murderer, Tariq, prepares to start college.

But, as showrunner Courtney Kemp points out, Power Book II: Ghost is a whole new game.

“It’s a spinoff — and not the next season — because I felt that if I tried to sell an audience a season of Power without Ghost in it, it would feel less-than, because his story was done,” the executive producer tells TVLine. “I can’t say we’ll never see that character again, but in the way that we were telling his story, where we were with him in and out every day? That was over.”

So whether you’re an OG fan or new to the Powerverse, we figured we’d throw together a little rundown of the old and new faces (including two Grammy winners!) you’ll see in Book II: Ghost. Click through the gallery at right — or go to it directly here — to (re)acquaint yourselves with some of the major players, then hit the comments with your predictions for the spinoff!

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