Pitch's Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Kylie Bunbury Suit Up for a Brief, Bittersweet Kinda-Revival — Watch Video

Pitch Mark Paul Gosselaar Kylie Bunbury Video Hulu

This may be the closest thing we get to baseball this summer, and we’re all right with that.

Pitch stars Kylie Bunbury and Mark-Paul Gosselaar reunited (in a way) for a new video touting the sport drama’s presence on Hulu, getting back into character for a practice session between Ginny and Mike.

The spot starts with Bunbury, wearing Ginny’s San Diego Padres jersey and cap, winding up and hurling a ball off screen. When the shot changes, we see Gosselaar — relaxing in an outdoor lounge chair, his Padres cap pulled over his face — catch the ball without even looking. “You’re dropping your shoulder,” he admonishes her.

They go back and forth a couple times about whether or not, in fact, Baker is dropping her shoulder. And perhaps it’s a sign of how starved we are for new TV content, but we’re riveted. When Bunbury points out that Gosselaar wasn’t even watching her throw, he gruffly says, “I can hear you.”

“You can hear me dropping my shoulder?” she asks, incredulous. Then they talk about how they’re “itchin’ to get back in there,” which we would love to take as code for “we’re in talks to revive the series!” — but we’ve been burned before.

(Doesn’t seeing them together make it hurt all over again that Fox cancelled the series after just one season?) Anyway, press PLAY on the video above to watch Bunbury and Gosselaar do their thing, then hit the comments with your thoughts!