Pitch Slides Into Hulu: 7 Reasons to Revisit the Winning Baseball Drama

pitch watch season 1 hulu

Major League Baseball’s near future may be uncertain, but have no fear: Ginny Baker is coming through in the clutch.

Fox’s one-season sports drama Pitch became available to stream on Hulu at midnight Thursday, series co-creator Dan Fogelman (This Is Us) announced Wednesday. “I loved making this show. Loved all involved,” he tweeted. “For anyone missing sports and @MLB — please give it a chance. Just give it 1 hour of your time.”

And then, the most enticing part for those who are already fans: “Maybe it will explode (and maybe, just maybe, we will get to make more!).”

Pitch Watch Season 1 Hulu It’s not the first time Fogelman has weighed in on wanting to continue the show, which starred Kylie Bunbury (When They See Us) as MLB’s first female pitcher and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved by the Bell) as her teammate and catcher. In April 2019, when rumors of a possible Season 2 circulated, Fogelman Instagrammed a photo of San Diego’s Petco Park, where the show filmed its game footage. “I sure did love that office…” he wrote in the caption.

Pitch did well with critics when it premiered in 2016 but averaged barely 3 million viewers and an 0.8 rating. Fox cancelled the sports drama in 2017 after one season.

But now it’s been called back up from the minors to stream in its entirety! So whether you’re a devoted fan or are just hearing about the show for the first time, we figured we’d pull together a quick list of all the reasons to root, root, root for Ginny & Co.

1. THERE’S A CURVEBALL RIGHT OFF THE BAT | If you’re a rookie, we won’t tell you exactly what the twist is in Pitch‘s series premiere — but rest assured, it’s a big one. And if you already know what we’re talking about, a rewatch will allow you to more closely examine exactly how the show’s first hour pulled off its big Gotcha!

Pitch Watch Season 1 Hulu 2. GIRL POWER! | Right from her first moment with the San Diego Padres, Ginny has to fight to keep her place in a world women have never been able to infiltrate. The grace with which Bunbury’s character keeps her cool among some very trying situations (not to mention the skilled way she handles the extreme physical rigor of the game) makes her a natural role model for kids of any gender.

3. THE REAL DEAL | If it looks like Bunbury is really throwing during the show’s game footage, that’s because she is: After landing the role of Ginny, Bunbury had two-and-a-half months in the bullpen, learning how to pitch. She, Gosselaar and other members of the cast trained two to three times a week during production.

4. DON’T LIKE BASEBALL? NO PROBLEM | Similarly to how you didn’t have to care about football to love Friday Night Lights, “We’re making the West Wing of baseball here, showing you how it works but in a way that’s very personal,” executive producer Paris Barclay told reporters ahead of the show’s debut. “It won’t always be about whether she wins this game or that game.”

Pitch Watch Season 1 Hulu 5. PITCHERS AND CATCHERS | You can’t have a drama featuring two attractive, highly fit people — one of whom slaps the other on the tush during the series’ first episode — without building a little romantic tension over the course of a season. We won’t say much more, except that Baker’s signature pitch has nothing on the heat she and Lawson build as the show moves through its run. (Episode 9, in particular? FIRE.)

6. TEAM SPIRIT | Bunbury and Gosselaar have been very vocal about their love for the show and their devastation upon learning it wasn’t renewed. Putting on Ginny’s uniform “profoundly changed my life and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to play a role that resonated with so many people,” Baker posted at the time of the show’s cancellation. “We were blindsided by it,” Gosselaar later told TVLine (see video below), adding that they were so sure the show would be back for Season 2, they hadn’t even discussed the potential resolution of some finale cliffhangers.

Pitch Watch Season 1 Hulu 7. THE BEARD! | If for no other reason, check out Pitch for the impressive facial hair Gosselaar grew just to play sarcastic, hard-working, near-the-end-of-his-career Lawson. Like a walk-off home run, it is glorious.

Watch Pitch‘s trailer below, then hit the comments: Are you planning to watch or re-watch the baseball drama now that it’s streaming? 

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