Young Sheldon to Stream on HBO Max, Alongside Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon

This calls for a celebratory warm beverage.

The newly launched HBO Max service has acquired the exclusive streaming rights to Young Sheldon, where it will live alongside all 12 seasons of its sire, The Big Bang Theory. That equates to a whopping 344 half-hours (and counting!) documenting the life of future Nobel Prize-winning physicist Sheldon Cooper.

An exact date for Young Sheldon‘s streaming debut has not been announced.

“In order for Sheldon Cooper to visit his younger self, he would need to manipulate spacetime. All you actually need is HBO Max,” series co-creators Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro said in a statement. “We are so pleased that Young Sheldon will be reunited with his future self on HBO Max, and we are excited for fans, new and old, to be able to binge both The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon for the first time.”

Added HBO Max content chief Kevin Reilly, “We now feel like our Big Bang offering is complete. We are so proud to be the home of this beloved franchise and the place where new and existing fans can learn about young Sheldon Cooper’s roots.”

Young Sheldon, which has already been renewed for a fourth season at CBS, centers on the boy genius’ upbringing in rural Texas. The first three seasons focused on Sheldon’s high school years, while Season 4 will find the 11-year-old starting college at East Texas Tech.

In addition to the occasional Easter egg, Young Sheldon has hinted at what’s to come of Dr. Cooper’s life following the events of Big Bang‘s 2019 series finale. For instance, the Season 1 finale revealed that Sheldon and Amy eventually have kids. Other episodes have featured the origins of “Soft Kitty” and the catchphrase “Bazinga,” as well as a trip to Sheldon’s future alma mater CalTech. The show has also shown younger versions of Leonard, Penny, Amy, Howard, Raj and Bernadette, and more recently featured an unannounced voice cameo by Kaley Cuoco.

Are you excited looking forward to bingeing past seasons of Young Sheldon — perhaps for the first time?