The Big Bang Theory Finale Video: Watch Sheldon's Emotional Series-Ending Nobel Prize Speech Again

It was arguably the emotional high point of Thursday’s Big Bang Theory finale — and now you can watch it again. We’re referring, of course, to the poignant Nobel Prize acceptance speech that Sheldon delivered in the episode’s closing minutes, in which he paid tribute to his A-team (see video, above).

The speech was the most scrutinized aspect of the finale, per showrunner Steve Holland. “That’s the piece we had earliest on and that’s the piece we thought about most,” the EP reveals. “And then watching that moment play out [during the taping] after not only 12 years but these months of thinking about it was unforgettable.”

As Holland told TVLine in our series finale post mortem, ending the series with Sheldon and Amy on that stage “felt right,” adding, “We’ve talked for 12 years about how brilliant these characters are, how brilliant Sheldon and Amy are…. They’ve had discoveries that have turned out not to be true in the past, or things that sort of slipped away because we were always trying to live in the world of real science and not break that world by discovering something that didn’t exist. But this being the last season, we didn’t have to live in this world anymore. So that freed us up to let them have this moment.”