Post Mortems

Grey's EP Shares How That Teddy Scene Made It Into Station 19's Finale: 'You Could Tell She Cared, But… '


When Station 19’s Maya begged Carina to forgive her for cheating with Jack in the Season 3 finale, only one person was yelling, “Do it! Do it!” louder than viewers: Grey’s Anatomy’s Teddy, whose fiancé had just learned in that series’ makeshift season ender that she had been unfaithful. Was it wishful thinking on Teddy’s part that a couple in love could wipe the slate clean… or a hint that, had Grey’s been able to finish its Season 16, Owen would already have forgiven her for sleeping with Tom?

“There were four episodes of Grey’s that we could not shoot,” reminds Krista Vernoff, the showrunner for both ABC dramas. “So we’re gonna have to play those stories through on Grey’s in the fall. Some scenes, I had to go in and edit or change when I couldn’t air the [missing] Grey’s episodes.

“But what I liked about that [Maya/Carina/Teddy] scene, and the reason I allowed Teddy to remain a part of it,” she continues, “was that I felt like you couldn’t tell whether she had been forgiven or not. You could tell that she cared deeply about the subject, but you didn’t know what had happened in her own life since Episode 21 of Grey’s” — aka the one in which Owen heard the X-rated voicemail from his would-be wife’s goodbye tryst with Tom.

What do you think, Grey’s/Station 19 fans? Did you get the sense that Teddy and Owen had managed to move past her two-timing? Or was she just urging Carina to do what she hoped against hope that her fiancé would?