A Million Little Things Winter Premiere: Who Gets Arrested?! Watch Video


New year, new rap sheet?

A Million Little Things closed out 2019 Tuesday by offering a sneak peek at the upcoming winter premiere (Thursday, Jan. 23, in a new time slot: 10/9c). And we don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Gary isn’t handling his breakup with Maggie in the healthiest manner possible.

As you’ll see in the promo below, the out-of-work and newly single Mr. Mendez channels his anger and hurt over his failed relationship by lying around in his apartment (is it just us, or does that group visit look like the gentlest of interventions?) and confronting Eric at the music shop. The latter leads to a physical altercation — with Gary yelling, “I know what you’re hiding!” — and we’re guessing that that interaction leads to Gary’s arrest, which we learn about courtesy of Katherine.

(While we in no way condone violence, is there any chance that Gary has learned something about the secret that Eric promised his friend he was going to tell Maggie in the fall finale? And that the new intel leads to the fight?)

Other notable moments include Gary waiting to be seen at his doctor’s office (the ramifications of which may also play into his outburst), Eddie tearfully hugging Theo, Rome and Regina embracing (we hope it’s a happy hug related to their adoption journey) and Maggie with hair (which makes us think some time has passed since the last time we hung out with this crew)!

If you haven’t already, press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments with your predictions for the rest of the season.

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