This Is Us' Rebecca and Randall Share a Tender Moment — 2020 FIRST LOOK

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10 Rebecca Randall

First Look TV Photos 2020If This Is Us‘ fall finale was any indication, Rebecca, Randall and the rest of the Pearson family have some hard times coming. So how about a sweet moment of maternal bonding before the tears start anew?

In the exclusive shot above, which comes from a flashback in the NBC drama’s midseason premiere (Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 9/8c), early-1980s Rebecca cradles baby Randall in her arms in The Big Three’s nursery. From the light in the room, it looks like it’s maybe early morning. And Mama Pearson and her son look like they’re sharing the best private joke either of them have ever heard.

The episode, titled “Light & Shadows,” will follow Randall as he travels to Los Angeles to be with his mom; viewers will recall that in the Thanksgiving episode, Rebecca admitted that she’s noticed her memory is failing, and she’s scared. (For the record, so are we!)

Elsewhere in the drama’s return, Kevin searches for romance and Kate meets Toby’s CrossFit friends… including, we presume, LadyKryptonite?

When TVLine spoke with This Is Us co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker in November, he praised Mandy Moore’s work in portraying Rebecca at the precipice of her decline. “Remember, this is a woman in her 30s who hasn’t even had a family yet who’s now playing a grandmother dealing with dementia and this onset of stuff that doesn’t happen until much later in life,” he said. “It’s so far beyond Mandy’s own personal experience, so she’s doing so much work as an actor. She’s talking to experts. She’s talking to people who’ve been personally touched by this. And all those little details that she’s bringing to the performance are the result of that research and the work that she is doing to accurately portray this. It’s really blowing us away.”

Take a good look at the photo above, then hit the comments with your predictions for the rest of This Is Us‘ fourth season.

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