The Masked Singer: Fresh Clues About Thingamajig, Tree, Fox and More

The Masked Singer Season 2 Episode 10 Spoilers

It wasn’t Butterfly’s destiny to make it to the end of The Masked Singer Season 2: The iridescent insect was unmasked this week and revealed to be Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame. But there are still a lot of unknown quantities left on the Fox reality series’ stage, and it’s time to put our guessing caps on once more.

In addition to Butterfly, this week’s episode featured performances by Thingamajig (who sang Michael Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”), Fox (who did a stripped-down version of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”) and Tree (who wailed on Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”). Eventually, Butterfly and Thingamajig faced off in the Smackdown round. He sang Usher’s “Caught Up.” She sang Imagine Dragons’ “Believer.” And when the results came in, Butterfly was gone. (Read a detailed recap here, and read Williams’ exit interview here.)

The hour also gave us a whole new bunch of clues about the identities of the competitors inside the costumes. So, ahead of Episodes 10 and 11 — yep, there’s a double dose of Masked Singer in the coming week — it’s time to check in with our guesses about the identities of the remaining players. We’ve updated the gallery at right with information gleaned from this week’s show, and we’ve added our (and some of your) thoughts about who’s beneath the costumes.

We’ll continue to refresh the gallery as the season winds down to its finale, so make sure to log your thoughts and evolving guesses in the comments section!

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