The Masked Singer: The Latest Clues About Butterfly, Thingamajig and More


We still don’t know what The Masked Singer‘s Thingamajig is, exactly. But now we’re a little more certain of who he is.

Wednesday’s episode (full recap here!) featured performances by the freakishly tall crooner, as well as Flamingo, Leopard, Black Widow, Butterfly and Skeleton. By the end of the hour, Skeleton was a dead man: He was ousted from the competition and revealed to be former Late Show With David Letterman bandleader Paul Shaffer. (Read an exit interview with Shaffer here.)

The hour finally put a nail in the coffin of our assurance that the fuzzy green guy was Whose Line Is Is Anyway? vet Wayne Brady. (But he’s gotta be the Fox, right? RIGHT?) Now, we’re pretty certain that Thingamajig is a professional sports player with pipes of gold… but we reserve the right to change our minds by the time next week’s episode rolls around.

Speaking of next week: In advance of Episode 5, we’ve updated the gallery at right with information from this week’s show, as well as with our (and some of your) thoughts about who’s hiding inside those nightmarish whimsical costumes. We’ll continue to refresh the gallery as the weeks pass, so make sure to make your thoughts known in the comment section!

So click on the gallery at right — or go to it directly here — and get to guessing!

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