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Affair 'Recast': Ugly Betty's Tony Plana Plays Ben In Episode 7 Promo — Watch

The Affair: Tony Plana as Ben in Season 5

Benjamin Cruz, is that you?

A new promo for Episode 7 of The Affair‘s fifth and final season reveals that Ugly Betty‘s Tony Plana has been cast as the older version of Alison’s former love interest-turned-killer. He appears in scenes opposite Anna Paquin’s Joanie in the year 2053.

Ruth Wilson’s Alison was killed off near the end of The Affair‘s fourth season. At the time, ex-husbands Cole and Noah were told by Det. Jeffries that Alison drowned herself near her Montauk home. However, in the penultimate Season 4 episode, it was revealed to viewers that she had died at the hands of Ben, who was previously portrayed by Ramón Rodríguez (Marvel’s Iron Fist, The Defenders).

In the most recent installment of the Showtime drama, it was discovered that Ben was eventually arrested — not for Alison’s murder, but for a separate aggravated assault. Meanwhile, Joanie determined that Alison couldn’t have died by suicide. By the end of the episode, she was confident that Ben was responsible for her mother’s demise.

That brings us to Episode 7 (airing Sunday, Oct. 6, at 9/8c), wherein Joanie pays Ben an ill-advised visit. In the promo, she attempts to deceive the veteran, but he quickly figures out that she’s Alison’s daughter — and things get violent.

Press PLAY on the preview below for your first look at the new/old Ben, then hit the comments with your reactions.