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NCIS Season 17 Ziva Spoilers

What “jeopardy” has NCIS‘ Ziva dropped at Gibbs’ feet? How can Arrowverse fans best prep for the “Crisis”? What sort of send-off will Chicago Med‘s Connor get? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any information about Ziva on NCIS? –Sarah

If you perhaps speculated that the “jeopardy” Ziva said Gibbs is in ties into the Canadian drug pipeline Boss discovered in the May finale… well, you’d be wrong. Rather, the threat that compelled her to reveal herself, “harkens back to Ziva’s death and why she went into hiding,” co-showrunner Frank Cardea shared as part of our Fall Preview Q&A. (Oh and yes, Ziva is very much alive/not a hallucination, but what Gibbs knew and when he knew it… will be touched on in the Season 17 premiere.)

Any Arrowverse scoop? –Joao
For one, I am told that Lamonica Garrett, who plays the Monitor (and will also play the Anti-Monitor), will appear in 10 total episodes across the Arrowverse this season (“Crisis” crossover included). And speaking of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” here’s a Pro Tip from Flash boss Eric Wallace: “Before I sit down to watch this year’s crossover, I would really rewatch all three episodes of ‘Elseworlds,’ because it will enrich your viewing experience. Without giving away any spoilers, there are certain ‘elements’ that will be revisited in ‘Crisis,’ that were very deliberately planted back then and now we’re going to pay off.”

Hello! Any news about SVU will be welcome. —Sú
Just as we went to press, I learned that Amy Hargreaves (Homeland, 13 Reasons Why) will guest-star on the history-making NBC drama this fall as Dr. Alexis Hanover, a psychologist tasked with teaching a new police interview technique to the squad. And to do so, she will ask each detective to play the role of witness and recall a past trauma in their lives….

Will This Is Us‘ Jack have more of a role this season? –ReAnna
Well, Milo Ventimiglia told TVLine that just three episodes into Season 4, he had already played Mustache Jack, Goatee Jack and Beard Jack, “but I haven’t spent as much time as clean-shaven, young man Jack — but we are getting into that this season.” After all, Mandy Moore told us that, as suggested by series creator Dan Fogelman, “We’re kind of dipping our toe into that era” where Jack and Rebecca contend with the Big 3 as toddlers.

Blacklist Ressler LizThe Blacklist‘s Liz and Ressler seemed to get a lot closer last season. Is there any chance for romance between those two? — Aly
Simply said, you shouldn’t hold your breath. Though series creator Jon Bokenkamp concedes that Liz and Ressler “did grow closer, for sure” in Season 6, “We’re evenly split in the writers’ room” as to whether the FBI agents should get together, despite their chemistry. “Is there room for that to expand and change? Yes,” Bokenkamp says. “Will it? I’m not sure.”

Do you know if Katrina Law will reprise her role as Nyssa on Arrow? I’m worried since she’s now been cast as a series regular on Hawaii Five-0. –Maarten
I can’t speak to Nyssa specifically, but rest assured that all of Arrow‘s final-season encores have not (yet?) been spoiled. “A lot, actually,” have not been revealed, EP Marc Guggenheim told me earlier this month. I’m a little surprised that more have not leaked, which is great. Again, we’re using the first seven episodes of the season as an opportunity to really look back on the first seven seasons and that’s very gratifying but also just very fun. As [co-showrunner] Beth [Schwartz] says, we’re playing our greatest hits, we’re also playing some album tracks, too.”

Do you have any other scoop on the final season of Arrow? –Brooke

When we caught up with Colin Donnell at TCA, he was a good soldier and didn’t spill much about how (and as whom) he will be involved in the farewell season. “I think it’s something that fans maybe have wanted to see for a while…,” he teased. “That’s all I’ll say.” And as for whether he’ll be in the crossover, he offered with a grin: “There’s hope!” Speaking of Colin Donnell….

What is going to happen to Chicago Med‘s hybrid OR? –Laurel
It’s not going anywhere, even though its mastermind, Connor, is leaving. As for the doc’s exit, Donnell tells TVLine that shooting his farewell episode (aka the Season 5 premiere) “was a long, emotional couple of days. But it was great. I’m glad that we got the chance to wrap up his storyline. I think it’s going to be really cool for the fans.” Donnell also says that Connor’s story ends on a “bittersweet” note and that all will be cleared up about what Ava did or didn’t do.

Chris Hardwick The Wall NBCDo you have any intel on what’s happening with NBC’s The Wall? Why are they not airing new episodes this summer like they intended? –Michael
As you may have surmised, I have heard that the network decided to hold the new episodes to air in-season (versus summer) — and probably closer to winter.

I’d like an update on the New York Undercover reboot/revival. Is it still being shopped around for a new home, or is it officially as dead as Eddie Torres was after the original Season 3 finale? –Shon

Geez, Shon — #TooSoon! But I did look into this for you, and sources tell me that there are “still discussions going on” about reviving the crime drama.

When will Chicago P.D.‘s Kim Burgess, and consequently Kevin and Adam, become detectives? There’s even a deleted scene talking about it. Will we see any movement in Season 7? —Clarice
“It’s sort of [one of] those things that, every year, we’re talking about — the detective’s exam,” showrunner Rick Eid admits, before noting that “eighty percent of the people assume they’re all detectives, anyways… But technically, those three are not detectives, and there’s a chance one, two or three of them will in fact become detectives.”

NCIS Los Angeles Hetty ReturnAny news of whether or not we could possibly be getting an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles written by Eric Christian Olsen? –Tony
How eerily prescient your email from July 2 was, Tony, because ECO in fact did pen an episode for the upcoming Season 11 that “focuses on some of Hetty’s backstory, so that’s fun,” showrunner R. Scott Gemmill told me.

It’s almost been two years since Search Party Season 2 premiered, and it looks like Season 3 has been completed, but nothing about a date.  Do you have any insider info on what’s taking so long, or some hint at when it might make it to air? –Matt
Sorry, Other Matt, but there is still no word on a premiere date. Word is that TBS (which is in the midst of a bit of a shift) is as anxious as you to release the new season, but they just want to find the very best place to put it.

Any intel on which characters from Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 are going to be involved in the new, inter-show romance? —Jill
No, but you won’t have to wait long to find out. Grey’s boss Krista Vernoff, whose showrunning oversight now extends to the spinoff, tells TVLine that the couple’s identity will be revealed in the Season 16 premiere airing Sept. 26.

Single Parents Meester BrodyAnything on Single Parents? —Jacob
In Season 2’s third episode, Leighton Meester’s real-life hubby Adam Brody will reprise his role from the Season 1 finale as Angie’s long-estranged baby daddy Derek— and this time the exes will have an actual conversation. “After eight years of hiding he’s going to face Angie, and it’s going to be explosive,” teases EP J.J. Philbin, before adding, “But not necessarily in a bad way.”

Any chance that Season 5 of Supergirl might feature an appearance by Cat Grant — or at the very least, an update on what she’s up to? Last we knew she was Press Secretary to President Marsdin, and a lot’s changed at the White House since then. –Avery
Executive producer Jessica Queller assures us that “Calista [Flockhart] has always remained open to coming back to the show periodically, based on her schedule,” adding that she’s “hopeful that it’ll work out and Cat will make an appearance. It could happen.” But here’s some good news in the meantime: CatCo’s new owner Andrea Rojas (played by Julie Gonzalo) will bring “a little levity and lightness” back into the show, giving us more of “the stuff we miss by not having Calista around.”

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