Pretty Little Liars Update: Do Spencer and Toby Have a Baby on the Way?

Pretty Little Liars Spencer Pregnant

Pretty Little Liars is birthing a new mystery, one that has absolutely nothing to do with the corpse discovered at Beacon Heights University a few weeks ago. No, this one’s a little closer to home, as uncovered in a post-episode text exchange between “Mona” and “Spencer.”

The conversation began with Mona congratulating Spencer on her marriage — something we learned during Mona’s phone call with Hanna earlier this season — and on her mother winning a seat in the Senate. But when Mona started asking personal questions, things got awkward.

“Can’t a girl check on her friend?” Mona asked, to which Spencer replied, “Are we friends?” (Ouch! Fair, but ouch.) After the ladies settled on “friendly,” Mona mentioned that Caitlin — who reminds her of Spencer — is applying for an internship with her mom, thus forming yet another connection between PLL and The Perfectionists.

Mona then pressed her luck, asking if Spencer is pregnant, to which she simply replied, “Bye.” We’ll have to wait for further confirmation, but as Mona noted, “That’s not a no!”

Spencer’s possible pregnancy is but the latest in a series of updates we’ve gotten about our favorites from Rosewood. We’ve heard about Hanna giving birth to her baby, Toby and Spencer eloping, and Aria and Ezra naming their baby after Ella.

Then again, it hasn’t all been good news. Wednesday’s episode of The Perfectionists included a depressing sequence in which Alison finally signed the divorce papers that Emily sent, officially dissolving their marriage.

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