Pretty Little Liars Update: Aria and Ezra Had a Baby Named After [Spoiler]

Pretty Little Liars Aria Ezra

Wednesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists revealed what fan-favorite couples “Haleb” and “Spoby” have been up to since PLL wrapped in 2017 — and that was just the beginning. The show revealed on Thursday (via social media) that Aria and Ezra have welcomed a baby girl.

The news was presented as a faux text conversation between Alison and Aria, which also revealed that their daughter got her middle name from Aria’s mom:

Aria: I have exciting news.
Alison: You brought home the baby?
Aria: You weren’t supposed to guess.
Alison: I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!
Aria: We brought her home yesterday. We’re calling her Katherine Ella.

But wait, there’s more: Aria’s first solo book, Park Avenue, is being made into a movie by Reese Witherspoon — and all of the Liars are invited to the premiere in New York City! (I’m not expecting to see this reunion go down on screen, but it’s nice to know that the girls are still in touch.) You can watch Ali and Aria’s chat in full below:

This “Ezria” news comes on the heels of Wednesday’s Perfectionists, which informed viewers that not only has Hanna given birth to her and Caleb’s baby, but Spencer and Toby decided to elope.

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