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Arrow Spoilers Season 7

Who on Arrow will get a blast from the past? Will Grey’s Anatomy doc make a big decision? Which Lucifer lady is turning to sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll? What will Roswell flashbacks reveal? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

What more can we expect from Arrow’s Diggle, outside of ARGUS? –Jenny
You can expect to meet this spring the decorated Army general who served as Dig’s mentor back in the day. Though the gents are now estranged, they meet up again under unexpected circumstances. Speaking of Diggle….

Anything on Arrow’s Connor Hawke? I was not expecting to see him again. –V.
Katherine McNamara told me that over the next couple of episodes (Season 7 resumes March 4), we will learn more about not just Future Mia, but Diggle’s grown son as well — including “where they’re coming from, and where they’re headed.”

Any scoop on The Blacklist? –Marsha
This Friday’s two-parter (starting at 8/7c) “is going to put Reddington in a box he’s never been in before — on the witness stand,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp tells Inside Line. “Not only will audiences hear Reddington speak about his past in an incredibly open, direct and candid way, but they’ll get insight into exactly why he became the Concierge of Crime.” All told, “This set of episodes will finally reveal why Raymond Reddington is wanted for treason.”

Will we see more of how This Is Us’ Miguel and Rebecca got together? — Anna
I hand-delivered your Q to series creator Dan Fogelmen, and he answered, “Yes; not this season. But it’s a place we want to go.” As he explained, “That’s a slightly different time period for us, and when we enter new time periods we do so gently, so the audience doesn’t get whiplash. When Rebecca and Miguel got together was not immediately after Jack’s death – you’re talking some time after that — but we will get there. Miguel has a big part to play in the rest of the series.”

Which episodes will Peyton List (not the Disney star) be in Gotham? –DJ
Having last appeared in this farewell season’s second episode, List (not the Disney star) will next be seen in “The Trial of Jim Gordon,” airing Thursday, March 7 (and which was written by Ben McKenzie and directed by Erin Richards). Bonus scoop: Teasing the flash-forward that opened the season — in which Jim and some surprising allies took on a mysterious militia from atop a wall (seen above) — EP John Stephens told me, “A lot of things are going on there,” including the “bringing together of all of our characters,” though a few are conspicuously MIA. “For some of the people, you should definitely read something into it,” he teased, “and with some of the people you should just go, ‘Oh, they’re somewhere else.'”

NCIS New OrleansWhat’s coming up for NCIS: New Orleans‘ Hannah Khoury? –Carlynn
Necar Zadegan will get a bit of a showcase on Tuesday, March 5, when we finally see why Hannah was so guarded about returning to her family life — and why she felt the need to keep her distance after first arriving into New Orleans. Viewers will also get to see more lof Hannah in her role as a loving, caring mom.

In light of the [Feb. 12] episode of NCIS, will we ever get to know more about Sloane and the daughter she gave up for adoption? –Caitlin
I got your Q to the producers, and they wrote back: “NCIS has always been, at its core, a show about its characters With that in mind, it’s a good bet you haven’t heard the last of this storyline.”

In Supernatural Episode 14×08 (“Byzantium”), Castiel made a deal with the Empty to save Jack. Are we going to see how this is affecting Cas emotionally, and are Sam and Dean going to find out about it eventually? — Mel
“The good news about being renewed early [for Season 15] is it allows us to try to space some of that stuff out. So I don’t know that we will be dealing with it this year,” co-showrunner Andrew Dabb reveals. “However, it is something that will need to be dealt with, and chances are Cas will not have a choice about when that happens.” Dabb says that Dean and Sam “may find out about [the deal] this year,” and their reaction will likely be similar to when one of them has made a like-minded sacrifice: “‘What the hell are you doing? But I kind of get.’ For our guys, the deal’s done, it’s in the past. It’s how do you deal with the consequences of it, and that’s going to weigh on everyone’s mind very strongly.”

Rookie BishopAnything on The Rookie? — Dee Dee
When I saw Afton Williamson at TCA, she teased an upcoming episode that will reveal “a lot about Bishop.” Showrunner Alexi Hawley elaborated on the “really emotional” hour, saying, “The story is about her interacting with a guy that was her foster brother for a year” — a fact that “she left off her personal history when she joined the police, because his record could have screwed her up. It’s about that lie coming back, and her having to make a choice.”

Might we meet any of the Single Parents’ other exes, or see any flashbacks with Rose, now that we’ve met Mia? — Sam
“We’re definitely going to be introducing more of the exes!” answers EP JJ Philbin. “In fact, this Wednesday’s episode is when we meet Poppy’s ex, Ron (played by Bashir Salahuddin) — along with his new girlfriend. We’ve got a bunch of other surprises in store before the season ends. Can’t say too much more than that, but we can promise it’s juicy!”

Will Grey’s Anatomy’s DeLuca choose a specialty this season? —Stephanie
As much as Giacomo Gianniotti would love to see his alter ego pick a lane, medically-speaking, he suspects TPTB at Grey’s are in no rush to pin DeLuca down. “I think it’s fun for the writers to take advantage of the fact that he doesn’t have a specialty because they can put that character in scenes with anyone,” he tells TVLine. “Once you have a specialty, you’re kind of limited to [one] group.” Bonus Scoop: We can now confirm that the new “fun, funny and complicated” element to the Amelia/Owen/Teddy triangle that Kim Raver teased last month is, in fact, Teddy’s burgeoning romance with Koracick. Yep, the triangle has officially morphed into a quadrangle!

Roswell Liz MaxWill we see any flashback episodes on Roswell, New Mexico? –Marita
There is one airing Feb. 26 and set largely in 2008, and “the conceit of the episode is basically Max is finally letting Liz in on a secret of what he went through 10 years ago,” shares EP Julie Plec. “We see how Max had feelings for Liz, and how maybe Liz started to have feelings for Max but didn’t know what to do with them because she was dating Kyle. And we see Rosa, who of course died very quickly thereafter, so we really get to get more information about what happened to her.”

Anything on my new obsession, Good Trouble? —Jayna
When Brandon and Jesus stop by the spinoff (in separate episodes), viewers will find that the brothers are “out in the world trying to make their way, trying to achieve their dreams — and it’s not easy,” executive producer Joanna Johnson previews. “Jesus’ treehouse-building company didn’t suddenly take off and [become] a huge success, so he’s trying to find something to support himself. He’s trying to find a dream that is sustainable and figure out who he is.” Brandon, meanwhile, “didn’t just suddenly start scoring movies out of school. And it’s even harder for him because his wife is so successful. She’s already on the LA Phil, and he’s struggling.” Both of the guest spots “merge very well with the girls and everything they’re going through,” Johnson adds.

What’s next for Suits‘ Darvey? –Bianca
Since Donna’s beau, Thomas Kessler, is a client, Harvey is going to have “a very big decision to make vis-a-vis telling him something that he shouldn’t tell him… about a different client,” showrunner Aaron Korsh previews. “Harvey is put in a tough spot, and the question is: What decision is he going to make? And is it going to be affected by the fact that Donna is in a relationship with this guy? Probably will be.” Whatever Harvey decides will have “massive consequences for everybody in the firm. Personally and professionally, it’s going to lead to an explosive last two episodes.”

Will we see more of the nursing staff on The Resident? –Ana
Noting that the Fox drama is “very invested, obviously, in Emily [VanCamp]’s character, as she is a nurse practitioner,” co-creator Amy Holden Jones tells us, “Assuming we get a third season, we will dive deeper into that world — particularly in stories through the clinic, which Emily really, really likes to do. Also, Jessica (played by Jessica Miesel) is rising very strongly on the show, as a wonderful comedic foil and a love interest for Irving. And we are probably going to do something with a nurse anesthetist, if we get another season.”

Any spoilers on The Gifted‘s finale? —Pam
In addition to there “100-percent being tears” (as Emma Dumont put it), there will also be “blood,” Jamie Chung told me at TCA — at which point Blair Redford jumped in to declare, “A tide of tragedy is headed your way!” Johnny’s portrayer added, “It’s not one of those finales that leaves you not knowing what’s currently happening. Our show ends nicely, leaving it open to a lot of new and interesting possibilities.” (Determined to one-up her leading man, Chung said, “We tie up all the story plots into a nice little bow… and then we rip it out of their hearts!”) Also talking up the on-the-bubble drama’s season ender (airing Feb. 26), Amy Acker added “good explosions”, “gunfire” and “lots of powers” to the mix, saying with a grin that Caitlin, as seen this week, “is embracing her badass-ness.”

I’m loving The Kids Are Alright. Any hints about what’s coming up? — Barbara
Before the ’70s-set ABC comedy wraps its freshman season, it’s going to be staging a crossover of a sort with a popular series from the era in which it takes place. Your hints about which one are as follows:
1) The program in question was also on ABC.
2) Its teenage-dream star caused many a viewer to gasp, “I think I love you.”
3) Said teenage dream was David Cassidy. In other words — that’s right — the Cleary clan is mixing it up with The Partridge Family.

Anything about S.W.A.T. (spoilers, renewal), pretty please! —Patricia
In this Thursday’s episode, the occasion of an LGBTQ pride festival reunites Commander Hicks with his estranged gay son JP, played by Sterling Beaumon of The Killing (but always Lost’s Young Ben to me). Sober now for four years, ever since his mother passed, JP always felt he got more love and understanding from his mother, so the father/son reunion is complicated, to say the last.

Any spoilers on Blue Bloods? —Danielle
I am hearing that later this season, Danny will presented with a chance to avenge Linda’s death, which to me sounds like we’ll be seeing drug cartel hitman Luis Delgado once again, played by Lou Diamond Phillips.

Is there anything you can tell us about Lucifer Season 4? –Maria
As previously hinted (vis a vis the promise of dorsal nudity), Ella will be shook in the wake of Charlotte and Pierce’s back-to-back deaths (keeping in mind that as far as she knew, they were always regular folk). “You have a dreamy guy who’s doing his job in a very militant fashion, and a hard-nosed professional woman who’s trying to do right, that are just taken away too soon,” Aimee Garcia noted. “That doesn’t settle well with Ella, and instead of lashing out at other people, she kind of self-destructs and implodes” — by way of “a bit of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.”

Did you find out anything Deckerstar-related while you were visiting the Lucifer set? –Paola
I found out plenty, to be carefully doled out closer to the Season 4 premiere on Netflix (date TBD). Until then, I will note that one of the most important aspects of Chloe’s reaction to the Devil face has not yet been spoiled as far as I know (though I don’t live on Reddit). Which is kinda great.

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