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Lucifer Season 4 Spoilers Nudity

Who designed The Flash‘s new duds? What’s new(d) with Lucifer? Should Riverdale‘s “Varchie” fans be worried? Does Supernatural‘s Sam have an overdue date with an angel? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows!

Now that Barry has his job back on The Flash, are we going to see more CSI Barry? —Peter
You will, and pretty soon into this week’s Season 5 premiere, in fact. Provided, that is, that a certain superfast offspring doesn’t solve the backlog of cases on his desk first! Bonus scoop: Tuesday’s episode will also reveal the maker of Barry’s latest speed suit, which springs forth from a ring — and it’s not who you think. Any guesses as to its atomic-level tailor?

Do you have anything new on Lucifer? —Mary
I’m sorry, did you ask if I had anything nude? Because while you may have gleaned from Aimee Garcia’s Instagram that she is readying to bare her bum for the Fox-turned-Netflix series, Ella’s rear won’t be the first viewed. “I mean, you have to start with Lucifer, right? You’re welcome, fans,” says co-showrunner Joe Henderson. “But we thought it’d be fun to have the second… ‘revealing’… moment come from an unexpected character. The fun question is: What does it say about where Ella is emotionally in Season 4?”

On Blindspot (returning this Friday, Oct. 12), I’m glad that Rich Dotcom is gonna be sticking around permanently, but with Jane having reverted back to her original persona as “Remi” and Zapata having apparently switched sides and working for Blake Crawford, the team is still essentially two members down. Will there be any new team members that show up to fill in for them? —Shon
“Great question!” showrunner Martin Gero answered when i delivered your Q. “We talked about it, but decided instead to give some of fan favorite guest stars a little more screen time. So Boston Arliss Crab (played by Josh Dean), Keaton (Chad Donella) and Matthew Weitz (Aaron Abrams) will be playing more prominent roles this season — as well as a few surprise new guest stars that are super exciting.”

Anything on Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson and Maggie on ? When does Jackson return, and do they make up? —Lizzie
“Jaggie” fans can rest assured that they won’t have to wait much longer for Jackson’s explanation of his disappearing act.

I really enjoyed Take Two, and so did my husband. It was a bit of light-hearted fun. Any chance it’ll come back for another season? —Cheryl
I am hearing that a decision on the ABC summer series will be made by the middle of the month.

Eddie CahillWhat is going to happen on Hawaii Five-0 this season? —Mike
Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov used to exec-produce CSI: NY, so it’s no surprise that Eddie Cahill has been tapped to guest-star in the Nov. 2 episode as Carson, a pilot and old friend of McGarrett’s from his military days. Carson is killed in a mysterious plane crash while apparently kidnapping a baby, but via flashbacks he drops clues that point the investigation in the right direction.

Anything from Riverdale? Is Hermione’s role as the family boss going to be explored? —Vanessa
Hermione is one of Riverdale‘s great mysteries, isn’t she? Where exactly she stands in the Lodge family hierarchy is actually addressed in this week’s Season 3 premiere, when Veronica asks her point-blank how she could let Hiram get away with framing Archie for murder. But an early warning, “Varchie” fans: You might not like Hermione’s answer.

I’m behind on Shondaland shows and I noticed that the first seasons of Station 19 and For The People are not on Netflix (or Hulu/ABC App). Will they be offered on any streaming services in the next few months? —Beth
Those Shonda dramas’ freshman runs are currently available for purchase on Amazon. And while Season 1 is no longer available for streaming on Hulu or ABC app, Season 2 episodes will be posted on both.

Now that Dean is kind of out of the picture on Supernatural, will Sam and Castiel finally get the opportunity to become closer and develop their friendship? –Axy
There’s not a ton of time for bonding in the Season 14 premiere (airing this Thursday), especially with Sam and Cas following different leads in the hopes of finding Dean. But when the angel gets into some trouble with a group of demons, Sam does come to his rescue. Bonus scoop: Speaking of Cas (or at least cosmic entities who look like him), executive producer Andrew Dabb hints that “we may see our good friend The Empty from last season.”

What are the plans for Chicago Med‘s April and Ethan? Are we going to see some character development for April? –Aureola
Ethan’s pregnant sister Emily “will continue to escalate problems between him and April,” executive Andrew Schneider teases. Another possible complication: Ethan’s ex, Vicky Glass (played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson), will reappear in Episode 7, the EP reveals to TVLine. Meanwhile, Connor’s hybrid ER/OR will have ramifications for all, including April. “That embedded OR requires staff and help. It shifts things around a little bit,” the nurse’s portrayer, Yaya DaCosta, explains. “There’s some new responsibilities that come into play because of that.”

Any news about Chicago P.D.‘s Burgess and Ruzek? —Jovanna
How about just Burgess? Next Wednesday’s episode delves into the officer’s relationship with Anne Heche’s CPD Deputy Superintendent Katherine Brennan. “I see this strong woman who I emulate, who I want to become, and she sees that in me and uses it to her benefit,” Marina Squerciati, who plays Burgess, shares. “How it ends is quite interesting. I don’t know that Burgess is totally in the right. But I don’t know that Anne Heche’s character is either.”

Will we ever hear the voices in other Manifest characters’ heads, other than Michaela’s? —Katrina
Well, Ben and Radd last week heard music, and Saanvi next Monday will see a vision. Then in Episode 5, Ben will hear a voice of his own.

I loved The Quad and In Contempt on BET. I know The Quad has been cancelled, but i cannot seem to find any info on In Contempt. Could you find out if it is canceled or renewed? —Dakota
I checked with BET for you, and there is “no news” at this time.

Any scoop you have on Stranger Things, The Blacklist, The Crown and/or Outlander would be great! —Sarah
I chose Door No. 4 and promptly turned things over to our Outlander expert Kim Roots, who shared this: “I can tell you that a salient Book 1 detail that hasn’t made its way into the Starz drama yet will definitely show up in the coming season, which premieres Sunday, Nov. 4 at 8/7c — and I canna say more on the matter.”

Will Dick and Kory’s relationship be explored in the first season of Titans (premiering Friday, Oct. 12 on DC Universe)? —Isabel
In a word, absolutely. Brought together by orphaned Rachel aka Raven’s plight, “Their relationship really evolves. It goes from one thing to another to another,” says Anna Diop, who plays Kory aka Koriand’r aka Starfire. And yes, “There’s a time where it is combative!” Or as scene partner Brenton Thwaites put it, the relationship “warms down, it warms up… like an old kettle!”

How would you describe the relationship between Daredevil‘s Matt, Karen and Foggy in Season 3? Are they able to get along, more like Season 1? –Alina
At whatever point Matt reveals himself to be alive and (kinda sorta) well, there will be fences to mend. “As much as Matt feels like, ‘I’m sparing my friends from knowing me, and all the havoc I wreak,’ it just ends up hurting us. We end up feeling like like we’re not important,” says Deborah Ann Woll of Season 3, which releases Friday, Oct. 19. “A lot of what Karen struggles with is… seeing through that, to the deeper hurt Matt is feeling, and the more we go through the season” — because of very spoilery things that happen  with Karen— “the closer I can see the pain and reach out.”

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