Grey's Anatomy Poised to Introduce New 'Element' to Amelia/Owen/Teddy Triangle — What (or Who) Is It?

Grey’s Anatomy‘s messy Amelia/Owen/Teddy triangle is about to get even messier. Kim Raver reveals to TVLine that a new wrinkle will soon be folded into the mix, further complicating the already knotty romantic imbroglio.

“There’s another fantastic element that gets thrown in,” the actress behind Owen’s babymama Teddy teases. “There’s an ‘other person’ element, and it’s fun and funny and complicated. It’s great because it’s quintessential Grey’s Anatomy where it’s not just one layer. We were just shooting a scene that was so uncomfortable and funny and great and wild.”

Even before she became privy to this mysterious new hitch, Raver was relishing being part of a such a non-traditional TV love triangle. “On the one hand, I think Teddy wants this child and a romantic relationship with Owen,” she muses. “And on the other hand, she absolutely doesn’t want to break up Amelia and Owen, out of her respect for Amelia. And that’s what’s so cool about this love triangle: It doesn’t pit woman against woman.”

Echoing her co-star’s sentiment, Caterina Scorsone (aka Amelia) marvels, “It’s not just, ‘I don’t know which girl to choose!’ There are other people’s lives that are affected. It’s not just about ‘Who do I desire the most?’ Real children and teenagers are involved. We have lives to choose between, and we have to be very delicate about how we tread.”

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