Does Med Need New Loves, Stat? Did Criminal Minds Dis Prentiss? Big Bang Cereal Captivates? And More TV Qs!

Chicago Med

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Russian Doll, The Flash, Chicago Med and Law & Order: SVU!

1 | In Russian Doll‘s season finale (small spoilers ahead!), wasn’t it really, really lucky that Alan remembered the exact amount of money in Nadia’s college fund, after hearing her say it one time?

The Resident2 | Couldn’t The Resident‘s Priya have at least erased this lovey-dovey message from the mirror before moving out of ex-fiancé Devon’s apartment?

3 | Arrow viewers, did you suddenly feel like you were watching a ‘tween Disney show during this week’s William/Zoe scene? Also, documentary interviewee Barry is a surprisingly terrible liar for a secret-keeping superhero, isn’t he?

4 | Does Vanderpump Rules‘ Raquel Leviss really look like Connie Britton… or have her friends simply been lying to her?

5 | How much time did you spend this week poring over the new Game of Thrones Season 8 photos, looking for the most miniscule of clues as to what will happen?

6 | Could the green screen on The Neighborhood get any worse?

The Neighborhood

7 | Did The Kids Are Alright‘s flashback scene give you Walking Dead vibes, with Michael Cudlitz’s fleeting return to red hair?

8 | The Flash‘s black market for next-gen tech doesn’t have a security system that could facial scan/ID Barry as CCPD? And did Iris not tell anyone where she was going before she broke into Cicada’s house (while toting a handbag fated to be left behind)?!

9 | Did you get Ghost flashbacks during Good Trouble‘s sexy clay/art scene between Callie and Gael? (Or is this show’s audience too young to know that reference?)

10 | If anyone in Riverdale can just put on a mask, tie together some tree branches and become the Gargoyle King, does unmasking the true Gargoyle King even mean anything anymore? And didn’t Jughead’s mom ascend from Toledo chop-shop operator to crime boss awfully quickly?

11 | Why did Criminal Minds‘ cold open suggest that Prentiss is some sort of poker-playing neophyte, when she brilliantly trumped Reid at cards during Season 5? And wasn’t that an awfully huge wedding cake for, what, 14 people?

12 | Now that we know The Masked Singer‘s Raven was suffering from excruciating sciatica during taping, do you feel a little bad about snarking about her lack of choreography? (Or was that just us?)

13 | Is it time for Chicago Med to explore some new romances, considering how terrible things currently are between the show’s couples/exes? On that note, can we get Ian Harding back already?

14 | Chicago Fire fans, were you dying to see more of Casey and Severide’s wild boys’ night out?

Scitt's Creek15 | Who knew that Drunk Ted from Schitt’s Creek would be as much of a hoot as Six-Drink Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine?!? And didn’t Patrick’s housewarming bash look more fun than even that lavish New Year’s Eve party the Karevs threw on Grey’s Anatomy?

16 | TVLine reader Abby asks: “Have Grey’s Anatomy‘s Owen and Amelia ever had an argument that didn’t end in her stating she was going back to Meredith’s?”

17 | Shouldn’t How to Get Away With Murder‘s Gabriel have put his mom on speaker phone in order to prove he wasn’t texting her about Annalise?

18 | Did the Lebanon portion of Supernatural‘s 300th episode feel a little clunky and disjointed from the wonderfully emotional Winchester family reunion? And do you like co-showrunner Andrew Dabb’s suggestion that what John experienced in this hour softened him towards Dean and Sam in the past?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine19 | How weird was it to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s long-unchanged opening title sequence swap out Chelsea Peretti for Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller?

20 | What was more surprising about this week’s SVU: Rollins’ hard-line refusal to believe that a woman accused of murder was the victim of years of abuse, or the jury’s loud, theatrical gasp when a clearly unloaded gun was placed near them?

21 | On Big Bang Theory, were you surprised at how captivated you were watching Sheldon — over the course of two dialogue- and joke-free minutes — quietly, methodically prepare his morning cereal?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!