Midnight, Texas Sneak Peek: Manfred's Latest Ghost Has a Thing for Lem

If you’ve ever asked yourself,”Do otherworldy spirits still get the hots for the corporeal form?,” this exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s Midnight, Texas will prove very illustrative. 

The clip from “Resting Witch Face” (marking the show’s move to a new timeslot at 8/7c) shows Manfred questioning Kiva (played by Mindy Sterling, The Goldbergs and the Austin Powers films), a ghost who’s got beef with his grandma, Xylda — mainly because she’s crossed over to a better place, and Kiva hasn’t.

Midnight Texas Season 2 Episode 7 Video“If you can help me explain this curse, maybe i can help you,” Manfred offers, hoping to glean information about a spell he fears Kai is plotting. But the specter isn’t listening… because she’s caught a glimpse of Lem, who’s watching the proceedings along with Olivia. And Kiva likes what she sees.

While the apparition waxes poetic about the size of Lem’s, um, appendages, we’ll tell you a few things about the hour. Manfred is on a tear as he vows revenge for Creek’s death. Joe is desperate to get to Chuy before his demon side does any more damage. Fiji wears a really excellent cocktail dress (and has a blast at Cartoon Saloon), though that’s not all she’s up to. And Kai gives Patience an ultimatum. Hmm… whatever could that be about?

Press PLAY on the video above to see how Manfred’s seance turns out. 

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