Midnight, Texas Cast Teases Tantric Fiji/Bobo, Lem and Olivia's 'Psychic Connection' in Hard-Won Season 2

The six-month wait for Midnight, Texas‘ Season 2 renewal felt interminable to fans, but it won’t take nearly as long for the supernatural drama to throw its residents into mortal danger once the show resumes this fall. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO Q&A

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Midnight, Texas Finale: EP Talks Manfred's Mojo, Fiji/Bobo, [Spoiler]'s Surprise Wedding and More

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Midnight, Texas‘ Season 1 finale.

Midnight, Texas‘ climactic Season 1 finale began with the Midnighters concerned with one veil — the one separating the living from the dead — and ended with READ MORE