The Good Doctor Recap: Glassman's Side Effects Worsen — Plus: Park's Backstory Revealed?

the good doctor glassman memory season 2 episode 8

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This week on The Good Doctor, Glassman continues to struggle with the side effects of his radiation treatment, while Park and Morgan treat a teenager whose parents don’t believe in vaccines.

As you’ll recall, Glassman first experienced memory loss during Episode 7. The former hospital head was sure someone had stolen his wallet during his most recent bout of treatment, only for Dr. Blaize to remind him that she held on to his belongings for safekeeping. During his latest check-up, Glassman insists the wallet incident was your garden-variety memory lapse, nothing more, but proceeds to forget his hat when it comes time to leave her office. Later on, Glassman approaches Shaun and asks him to administer a series of cognitive tests without involving the hospital. And so, they meet back at Shaun’s apartment later that evening, where Shaun forgoes standard testing and asks his mentor a series of seemingly unimportant questions about his furniture. His last question — “What’s my brother’s name?” — ultimately stumps Glassman. He’s shown a picture of Steve and refers to him as “Sam.” This confirms that his memory is indeed detiorating.

Back at St. Bonaventure, Park’s backstory is finally disclosed (or so it seems) after he treats Finn, a teenage patient whose mom and dad are anti-vaxxers. Finn is found to have been born with two spinal cords, requiring a surgery to prevent paraplegia. Ahead of the procedure (which is a success), Finn’s mom approaches Park and asks him to vaccinate her son. She says she talked it over with her husband, which we later find out is not true, and the betrayal nearly wrecks their marriage. Turns out she’d been convinced after Park relayed Morgan’s story about a good friend/fellow anti-vaxxer whose infant son died of whooping cough.

Later on, Park steps outside to speak with Finn’s dad, who’s unwilling to forgive his wife. It’s here that the doctor divulges a story that is surely his own.

the good doctor park wife kid season 2 episode 8“I knew this couple,” he says. “They had a child and they were happy… building a life. One day, the husband found out that the wife hadn’t been honest, and it broke their trust. Instead of working it out, they let the deception fester. Eventually, the husband moved out, moved away… He barely sees his kid.”

At the end of his shift, Morgan approaches a distraught Park. “Measles kill, broken homes don’t,” she says, before advising her former resident to forget about Finn’s parents and hit up a bar. But rather than drown his sorrows in liquor, Park decides to head to a shooting range. Morgan asks if she can tag along, and promises to keep the talking to a minimum.

the good doctor patient kiss shaun season 2 episode 8Shaun, Claire and Lim work on our other Patients of the Week: Todd and Dawn, a husband and wife rushed to the ER following a car accident. A surgery to stop Dawn’s internal bleeding reveals a ruptured left fallopian tube and a previously unknown pregnancy. When Claire and Shaun go out to update Todd, he tells them that he had a vasectomy 10 years ago, and a subsequent fertility test confirms that his sperm count is indeed zero. Dawn insists that she hasn’t cheated on Todd, but later reveals that she’s had not one… not two… not three… but four — yes, four! — affairs. She’s unable to control her impulses, and at one point lays her lips on an unsuspecting Shaun. Shaun is convinced that a brain tumor is responsible for Dawn giving in to each and every one of her temptations. A tumor is ultimately discovered in her chest, which is producing a protein that travels up to the brain and causes mental disorders, including — you guessed it! — loss of inhibitions. Todd is unsure he can forgive Dawn, but Claire convinces him to give his wife a second chance. After all, even when Dawn was not in control, she was never once tempted to leave him.

Claire, meanwhile, apparentlyhas been taking interviews for residencies at other hospitals. Allegra confronts Andrews about Claire and tells him that it would look bad if St. Bonaventure lost two of its surgical residents with diverse backgrounds in less than a year. And so, Andrews attempts to convince Claire to apologize to Melendez for going rogue when treating anorexic patient Louisa; Claire, however, refuses, reminding Andrews that it was he who told her to be more assertive. Andrews then goes to Melendez and tells him that if he doesn’t make things right by Claire, he’ll have a hard time backing him for the chief of surgery position.

Melendez eventually approaches Claire, who apologizes for undermining his authority — not because she’s actually sorry, but because she knows the attending has been sent on an impossible mission. “Senior staff has basically ordered you to take me back,” she says. “So if you don’t take me back, you’re screwed, [and] if you do take me back, you look weak. I don’t know what decision you made or what you were about to say, but if I tell you I’m sorry, it gives you cover. So this is me giving you cover.” Melendez gives her a subtle nod, as if to say thank you, then says that he’ll see her back at work tomorrow.

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