The Haunting of Hill House: 10 Things to Look for During Your Rewatch

The Haunting of Hill House Hidden Moments Photos Season 1 Netflix

Got lost in Hill House the first time around? It happens.

After all, Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House is made to captivate, to suck you in and to disorient you — the same way the hellish home does to the Crain family and the Dudleys over decades.

By now, (we assume) you’ve made it all the way from the series premiere to the Season 1 finale. That mean’s it’s time to go back and focus on some of of the deliciously devilish details writer/director Mike Flanagan sprinkled over all 10 episodes like rain — or confetti.

Don’t be afraid: We’ve made you a guide.

The gallery at right contains 10 moments — in no particular order — we think you might want to give a second look during your inevitable rewatch. Some are insidiously scary. Others are just plain silly. One of them might have made us pee a little. All of them bear more scrutiny (we mean, those hidden ghosts alone are enough to keep us up at night).  Also, a note of warning: The gallery covers the full first season, so there are spoilers within.

Click on the gallery at right (or go to it directly here) to see what’s been keeping us up at night. And when you’re done, make sure to log your favorite Hill House scenes in the comments below!